Ban Appeal

Hello aloha-Team,
i know that you say that I#m permannent bann.But i think you may can unbann me, because many players would buy the new version so the old server are empty. So my question is if you can unbann me on aloha servers. I promise that i hack never again. I know that most of the replies would say that i hacked so many on the servers,so they dont unbann me.But i think its a second chance for me to show you that i dont hack ING.

I hope you understand my sight.


I’ve enacted a range-ban against you, which pretty much locks you out of the game for a while.
This ban is not indefinite, there’s a time limit for the ban, about one month.
I suggest you don’t try anything funny and sit it out, reflect on your past actions and vow to never aimbot again.

You mean you will unbann me in one month?

Reki means that your range ban will expire in one month. So yes, you will be unbanned after a month.

Thank you so much :smiley:

If you’re caught evading this ban at any time this month, it will be made permanent.

So when i dont hack this month you unbann me on 1 January?

corrected that for you :wink:

Needless to say, if you’re ever caught hacking again your next ban will be permanent.

But…he’s already had like 8-nvm

It’s called mercy White, something many people lack.

And when is the exact date when i can play on alohas server, because i dont want to be a ban evader when i play before .

I’ll post on this thread once that happens.

So Reki, Does you unbann me one month ago since you “said” that I’m banned there, or since you bann my IP.

Ok. You’re first language obviously isn’t English, so it’s hard to understand what you’re saying… Either:

a) You think it’s been a month since your first post, yet it’s only been a week.
b) Yes, Reki will make a post when you will be able to play again. (After one month)

I’m requesting a lock on this topic until further notice, or when PokerStar’s 1-month ban is up. Thank you. :slight_smile:


He asked if he would be unbanned after one month since Reki’s post, or after 1 month since his first/last ban was issued.
Either way, it would be cool to have a set date, to give him some hope. :slight_smile:

Well, then it would be Janurary 13th (ban appeal started) or 14th (Reki’s first post). So, not much difference. :slight_smile:

No, they Color said to me o First December that i was banned and Reki bann my IP on 7.December i think.

Well, then I’m guessing you’ll be unbanned sometime in Januray: By the looks of it, within the first two weeks of the New Year. :slight_smile:

yeah :slight_smile:

I think only 3 days, because Reki write on 3 December that he will bann my IP