Ban Appeal.

Greetings, I’ve been banned from every server :frowning: I’m French and my nickname in game: [BP] Pixxel. I will not lie, this is not my type, I use one aimbot. My friend TheProfexi0nal, told me to try for once aimnot, I had never used before and I wanted to try and pat inadvertently I was banned, I do not know exact time peoples, it’s been a few weeks maintetant.S it please, I do not have bad intentions and my clan will love your servers and I would like to go over with my clan for fun as before, please. Sorry for my bad english. Sincerely, Pixxel. I’m ashamed of myself. :-[

Please follow this template for it can benefit you in the future.


And also, might wanna remove your IP address. The only time you should ever be giving out an IP is when a trusted admin PM’s (Personally Messages) you on Then you’d reply with your IP.

It’s just a safety mesaurement. If a hacker did want to hack your computer, then he/she would be able to still find out your IP, but giving it to them takes away the hardest thing to do.

Good thing is, you fessed up, and you were honest. It’s bad that you were hacking, but it’s good that you are being honest about yourself. Admins love it when you’re honest. :wink:


I don’t see your name or IP in our banlists, so the chances are the ban has already expired and you should be able to join servers again.

Was it by chance a votekick?

I don’t see either the IP nor name in the banlists. Considering it’s been a few days since reply I’ll lock this thread up. I’m assuming it was a votekick.