Ban appeal?

Hello, dear hawaiians! I recently got banned from your footbal AoS server, and just wanted an explanation. (I suppose you have server logs) o.O

First off, post it here:
Secondly, read this:

Thirdly, the server is actually based in the US.

I just checked, you were votekicked for reason “lol” You should be able to play again.

Hawaii is in the US.

That single post deserves so many downvotes, that it’s almost worth sharing on a chan. (for teh lulz)

I got banned for reason… “lol” ??? You have some damn silly admins.

Wasn’t an admin, aloha has “votekicks”, which let people start up a votekick against a disruptive (well, at least it’s supposed to be that, now people just abuse) player.

When I mean the US I meant *mainland US…A.K.A America.

Real funny.

I fail to see how the words “chan” and “downvote” fit in the same sentence.
Anyways, next time wait 30 minutes before you actually ban appeal (though feel free to whine about being unfairly votekicked, we do it all the time to feel better about ourselves).

I once got successfully votekicked for “griffing” :-[

I was sapping.

Uhh, yeah I’m used to a phpBB forum system with an upvote/downvote functionality. xD
But I do see the fail now… :confused:

Oh, and as far as I know, I was either not votekicked, or I didn’t realize I was being votekicked.