Ban Appeal

1) Wait 20-30 minutes if you were votekicked.

If you fail to follow this step, I will personally extend his ban. ~ Reki
I took no votekick

2) Please specify your ign (in game name).


3) Server you were playing when you were banned.

Note: only handle servers here.
Ban’m in Aloha pinpoint and Aloha CS Maps.

Reason # 4) to ban (please be true)
Do not lie, it severely decreases your chances. (Example 1 | Example 2)
Honestly I have no reason to be banned, I play all the aloha dawns with pinpoint NIASKA, Jon and never had a problem being banned.

Reason # 5) why you should be appealed.
Because I was banned without reason.

6) Date and time (approximately).

I do not know.

My IP: -ssssnip-

I suggest you remove your IP address from your post

You were caught in a rangeban. Our apologies that it affected your gameplay on the aloha servers.

It should be fixed now

So, what was the reason why Stardust being banned?

He was caught in the range of another player’s ban. Rangebans pretty much ban all IPs in a certain range (ORLY?) for 2 weeks to prevent evading.