Ban Appeal :)

#1) ign - MrAnonymous1 ( used at that time).

#2) Server you were playing on when you got banned. tower of babel

#3) Reason for ban (please be truthful)
glitching and griefing…now In terms of These Allegations. What i would do was I took most of the base down. I would remove the only block supporting it and watch the fireworks go off. Getting an thrill out of it, at the same time on the edge of getting votekicked many times, some might be only one vote away And not getting Kicked. i only did This on Tower of babel. cause … yeah you know why.
Exact mechanisms for glitch-griefing snipped.

#4) Reason why you should be appealed.
First of all, I don’t expect any respect from You guys. since I did not show any respect to the players who use the map tower of babel. What I did was reckless and stupid. Not Saying It wasn’t Fun at the time. sure we all want to have Fun, but when it interfers with other peoples Enjoyment of the game, Its Wrong. I take full responsibility Of 27 tower and many lives of Builders… All joking aside i’m here to ask for forgiveness and to apologize to the players Of tower of babel. I do Like playing on Your guys servers, especially the Counter Strike server. I Hope you will find somewhere in your hearts to let me back onto Your friendly Servers. :slight_smile:

#5) Date and time: Date- november 4 2012… Dont know what time it was.

Immm pretty sure glitching is a 5~14day ban from looking at all the other ban appeals?

Just thought I’d chime in: I’ve /hban’d this player for doing this before. Never did capture it on video.

IMO this thread should be deleted/moved to admin immediately, tho the cat may be out of the bag already.

I’ve contacted the admin who banned you. Sit tight.


'Ey. Seems I’m the one responsible for your ban.

From what I’m reading, it sounds like you’re genuinely sorry for the glitch abuse and griefing, despite how much of a rush you had while griefing with that glitch.
However, I’m not sure what the rest of the admins’ stance is on the subject of unbanning you - if only because you were abusing that grenade glitch. I’d been under the impression that people caught exploiting this glitch were to be permanently banned on-sight, or at least for two months’ time.

But that said, I’ll admit that I’m apprehensive about unbanning you. Especially if, as ei8htx mentioned, you’d been banned for doing this before I came across you and placed the current ban on you. Can I really be assured that you won’t do this again?

I can Understand Your Feelings for this situation, And undoubtingly I would feel the same way if i was in your shoes. But If You feel as if I am a threat to your server, do what is best for the server. But There’s Nothing i can say that won’t make my actions inexcusable. But all i can do Is apologize for my actions. I have learned How to enjoy playing Tower of babel on other servers, while respecting others in a way that we are working as a team.

Don’t do (or not do) anything by my accord.

I still think the OP should be hidden (or the detailed explanation at least).

If anyone dares to try, we ban them. Simple enough.

Here’s an Idea… I have a proposition for you guys. Since you guys seem to have made a decision on perma-banning me. (thats me making assumptions) If this is possible. I was wandering if you guys could Un-ban me on all the aloha servers except babel, for your own peace of mind. I can play babel on a different server if I wish to play babel. I Only wanted to propose this, so that we all can come to agreement on this situation. All I want to do is play AOS 0.75, but if I can’t play on some of my favorite servers (Counter strike, Hallways, etc…) I most likely will jump up to 1.0. I hope you will take this into consideration.

Alright, well, each time I’ve visited the forums, your appeal’s been resting in my head, and I’m starting to feel that you really are sorry for what you did. That speaks to me.

So, here’s the plan -
You will be unbanned. That, I gaurantee.
That said, your ban is going to last for five more days.
Once those five days are up, when December 5th rolls around, you’ll be free to reenter Aloha’s servers again.

Just a little more patience, and things’ll be all good.
I’m trusting what you’ve said here, so once you’re free after the 5th, I’m hoping you’ll stay out of trouble.

Thank you, I Appreciate You spending your time into my ban appeal. It means alot to me.

Argh, I slipped-up on my end, apparently.
Sorry it’s two days late, but your ban has been lifted, Batman!

I think this is like a first time a ban appeal thread has been handled so wonderful!