Ban Appeal

#1) I waited about 6 hours to make sure it wasn’t a vote-kick and also because i wasn’t sure what to do.
#2) My IGN is RogueSaint{TR}
#3) The server I was playing on was “ 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint”
#4) I honestly have no idea because i was only playing for about 5 minutes on the server and i haven’t even gotten the chance to kill anyone except this person and her IGN was “Nisse” and i killed her because she was in blue’s base and then she somehow after i killed her glitched or something back to where i killed her and i killed her again and the that’s when i got banned i think
#5) I should be appealed because i didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t even play for 5 minutes and without killing anyone except a glitching person “Nisse” and I literally have no idea why i was banned and its my favorite server if i t wasn’t i wouldn’t be posting a ban appeal right now.
#6) The date and time i got banned was September 27th 2012 and the time was about 3:00 P.M.

I was the admin that banned you. You caught my eye at first when I was seeing if someone else was hacking, and than you saw me, killed me. Than I tested you, By hiding in a different spot, You came towards me and shot through the blocks. The places which I hid were in a building and inside a 3 by 3 blocks piece. Would you care to explain how you knew I was there.

He saw you building?

I killed you because when you usually see blocks like that it means someone trapped someone else in there and i didnt know you were there when i killed you the second time i was fixing the building that you were hiding in and you happened to be there. i think everyone would like it if all the admins didnt just assume people are hacking then ban them

The second time you were not fixing the building, all you did was come straight towards me and kill me than continue to attacking the opposite team. I would appriciate if you’re next post would actually include the truth of what actually happened.
I also didn’t presume that you were hacking when you joined, as I said I was watching another possible hacker and than you found me.

then you are obviously not the admin that banned me because you would have known what happened and i was fixing a building because the entrance to it was blocked in and you happened to be in there. I was there.

This was never properly resolved, and the player’s still playing.

The ban was removed from the list, and I believe the issue is resolved. Locked.