Ban Appeal

Sometime in the after around 4ish - 5ish EST 01/08/2012, while playing on the 24/7 pinpoint server, I was suddenly banned (Username Richardca). I’m not entirely sure what crime I did, but I think I was accused of hacking, although I can’t seem to find my name on the global blacklist. Either way, though, the Aloha servers are my favorite servers to go on, and it saddens me that I was banned, and I don’t even know why. It would be much appreciated that I would get an explanation for these turn of events.

Hello, Richardca.

I permanently banned you from the servers for aimbotting.
I find that surprising, given that you youself were complaining of aimbotters on the opposing team.

Do you deny that you were using an aimbot or ESP (wallhack)?

Ok, I’ll come clean. I do some amateur programming (I’m very, very bad at it) and tried my hand at making an aimbot and used hInjector to put it into AoS. It basically worked only 1/5th of the time, but managed the job done. I needed a server to test this on. And well, I chose the server with the highest ping. In retrospect, all of this seems very stupid, using an aimbot on a server with a with a strict no hacking policy. At that time, I didn’t really give it a second thought; I was too preoccupied with testing out this new toy. I understand what I did was wrong, and quite frankly stupid, and I understand if you will not repeal permaban, as I should have known this would be a result. However, if given another chance, I will keep my hax from all servers, and will try to keep my nose clean. I apologize profusely for my stupidity, and promise that if given another chance, this incident won’t happen again.

I find it quite refreshing that you came clean, I for one appreciate the honesty. I might let you off with a couple of weeks or something just for telling the truth. Unfortunately, I didn’t ban you so its up to Reki there if he wants to cut you a break or not. In the future, I hope that you realize that your only cheating yourself and ruining everything other people have worked so hard to accomplish, like with their ratios and such. Good Luck to you and maybe you should try making something that detects the aimbot better.

Like MoJo said, it’s good that you’re coming clean.

As a last check, I’d like you to explain to me what this aimbot does, specifically. Send me a private message, do not post it here. Don’t leave out details, tell me everything it was supposed to do (multiple bullets? no recoil? you get the idea). Try to keep jargon to a minimum, as I’m not really a programmer either.

If you can pass this final check, I’ll reduce the length of your ban to something reasonable.

After some considerations, I think I’ll reduce the length of the ban to some definite time.
However, I’m not too certain as to what length the ban will shortened to. I’ll post with more conclusive evidence once I make up my mind.


  1. He apparently has dynamic IP, so the ban wasn’t lifted.
  2. He also stopped playing.
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