Ban Appeal

#1) Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked: I have

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name): Ddog201161

#3) Server you were playing on.: Counter Strike Maps

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful) i dont know, but I have a feeling it was because I was glitching. Please Note I was glitching to kill glitchers.

#5) Reason why you should be appealed.: I love this server very much and I had just applied for admin! Also i got A LOT of hate because I got a multikill headshot when they were in a big grouup.

#6) Date and time (approx) (7/13/2012 3:43)

You shouldn’t glitch no matter what. Even if the other team is doing it, just tell them to stop and report them with /admin *message if they continue.

I cant now Im still waiting for an Admin to reply.

Well either way glitching is against the rules. The ban shouldn’t be more than a week but you would have to consult the person who banned you.

yeah probably a 5 day ban but im not seeing it noted in the logs either.

Well right now I cant join and Aloha server :frowning:

yes thats correct. If you are banned from 1 server, it bans you from all of the Aloha servers.

Well right now I cant join any server :confused: Like literally every server I join I get ERROR: Banned

DUDE thats a global ban if you cant get in any server. you better check here

But im not on there ?? ???

Do any of your siblings play AoS?

Nope just me.

kk, just checking that they didn’t get globaled under a different username

im not putting you off or anything, im just seeing if you can play after the five days… no other admin has come forward as of yet

This guy’s on dynamic IP. I don’t think he plays anymore, but keep an eye out.
He was also permanently banned by MoJo. Locked.