Ban Appeal?

Just “finished” playing a game on aloha tower of babel against some @ members, and went on a 20 something killstreak. Some guy started a votekick because I was hacking? Not sure if it’s just a 15 min votekick or a ban, because when I tried to rejoin, it said I was banned.

I clearly was not aimbotting. You can check my accuracy or whatever if you want. If you can access a first-person recording of me playing, go right ahead and watch that, too. I was on around 9:40 PM Eastern Standard Time. Obviously, I’m not a little kid with nothing to lose. I run a big-ish clan, so it would probably make sense that I wouldn’t throw it all away by hacking for multiple headshots, against known moderators. Even if this is not a ban and just a votekick, I hope I can knock some sense into the guy who started it.

our votekicks last 30 minutes and yeah it was a votekick

you should be able to reconnect now

Ok, thanks!