ban appeal

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?

no, but there was no active votekick at the time

  1. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.

  2. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on servers. babel

  3. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.
    Idk man, I’m an honest player, but I’ve also been playing for years so I’ve gotten good at the game

  4. Why should you be unbanned?
    Because I don’t cheat in this game and I feel that suspicion of that is the only reason I would’ve been kicked

  5. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.
    20/11/21 6:20ish pm EST

I was the admin that banned you.

Are you 100% certain that you were playing legit and do not want to tell me anything before we proceed with this ban appeal? Honesty goes a long way.


I know honesty goes a long way, and I know I was banned for using an aimbot about 5ish months ago maybe. That time was legit, but I’ve played honest since then and don’t have any cheats on my computer. I’m not exactly sure what you may have seen today that you thought was a hack, but I’m sure I could explain it if I knew.

You are absolutely sure you have not used any cheats since the time after that ban?

Absolutely sure!

I usually play on the server at least a couple of times a week, so I’m sure you’ve seen me playing honestly before, I’m more familiar with in-game names, don’t get on the forum a whole lot, but I’m sure others would back me up

Since you are holding on to not using any cheats we might as well get on to it by starting with the first bit of evidence and move on from there step by step.

Timestamp in comment for the first major occasion that I am asking you to explain. 18 seconds in on the recording. Also a bit of sus preaim going on in the rest of the recording but for now I will give that the benefit of doubt for those other occasions since it is not so obvious.


I can see how it’s a bit sus, I remember waiting for people to walk up the stairs during that round. As for the moment at 0:18, all I can say is it was a lucky shot he was there lol then went back to finish up, I appreciate you giving the benefit of the doubt though.

I will add though just for your knowledge, I tend to tread lightly and get my sight ready on top of the heaven towards the edge, I know people are always aiming at me while I’m up there so I try to be quick with the shot, then back up quickly so as not to get shot myself. I assumed this is what most people do though.

Yes, one occasion can absolutely be argued as being a fluke/lucky and some amount of lining up shots at the edge or in other situations is possible to some degree. However, interestingly enough it was not my only recording of you so lets move on.

Here we have another recording:

The main occasions I would like some form of explanation in this one is right at the beginning at 4 seconds onwards or so that you path and aim directly at the guy and then at 0.24 and 0.29 when you seemingly aim straight at the guy before snapping the cursor to the left at a guy far away on the ground level. Timestamps in comments as before.


So the first incident you’re speaking of in the video, I noticed the other guy shooting at someone and figured maybe he needed help, so came over and there was a guy there. AS for the other two, again with the stairs, I understand people are going to keep coming up, so I aimed down to be ready and there was a guy claiming the stairs. I understand how you see this all as sus, but it’s not.

I suppose it might be possible to see that there was likely someone on the ground level but I will say that it is highly sus how you were able to aim at him right away. However you did not address the snap towards a non-visible player after shooting the one on the stairs.

Anyway lets move on to the next little bit of recording. The occasions of things needing an explanation is marked with timestamps in the recording:

Especially digging towards deuce25, the tunnel tracking before even knowing it was there and then following the player outside. Then the tower. This recording is also filled with multiple occasions other than those but lets begin there, but lets start with how you explain the main three issues?

Are you still absolutely certain you where not using any cheats?



Sorry forgot to address the snaping in your previous comment. - going back I didn’t shoot at them at the moment you describe, my intention was to destroy the platform they were building, which I did. I didn’t see any snapping to that player, my gun swerved past them and back to the structure.

As for the digging, I’m quite aware of my surroundings when in the game. If I hear digging I’ll usually investigate if I don’t see anyone on my team on the map near me. And as such I did. I found a tunnel that was suspicious then walked down it and came across that player. As for the tower, I saw bullets being shot out of the tower and knew someone had to be in there. They’d blocked it off when I grabbed the spade which is why are started digging, it just happened to be that he was behind where he was digging.

Still absolutely sure I’m not using any cheats. I’ve just been playing for a long time and I’m used to the dynamics of the game. I will say it is interesting to see a different platform for your recordings. Is that open spades? I still use the classic software in 600x400 lol

In my opinion the snap looks like you held onto the key for using aimbot and ended up snapping towards that other guy but since it is only one occasion it can be explained by pure fluke. Some of the other things we have discussed are also possible to explain by pure luck on their own to some extend.

However, the main issue is not some lucky shots taken out of context or a few flukes here and there. The recordings are littered with esp sus behavior, preaim that is extremely unlikely to be by pure chance on multiple occasions and the fact that you are aware of exactly where players are even though you have not seen them. You also randomly dug out and found deuce25 without having any possibility to see that player. The aimbot snap or whatever it was is not exactly helping how this situation looks either but since it was only one time I will chose to ignore that and focus on the ESP.

I am all for giving the benefit of doubt to our players but all of these recordings combined is looking like esp to me.

I have an alternate explanation to the one you have given, looking at all the evidence provided so far: You were banned for aimbot back in June and sometime after decided it was worth it to start using esp and possibly aimbot. Trying to be sneaky about it and hoping no one would find out.

Hence, I would kindly ask again, are you still 100% sure you have not used any cheats during the time between your first ban and this one?


To me it wasn’t a snap, I don’t know if it helps your understanding of the background of my scenario by the corsair mouse I use allows me to control the speed of the cursor. It’s possible what you saw as a snap to that player was oversensitivity on the mouse’s part. Again for digging and finding duece. If I hear digging and no one is near me on the map on my team, I will start digging to try and investigate. I do understand how your evidence could be seen as suspicious, and I have explained my point of view. Yes I know I was banned back June for aimbot, that was a one off for me and I have not used it since then. As I stated in that post, it was deleted from my computer. I’m not sure how exactly to prove this to you apart from screenshots of my program file system, but that would require me sharing personal identifying information as well which I wouldn’t be keen to on the internet. I’m 100% sure I was not cheating, I’m not sure how else to convenience you of that. If you have any ideas of how to let me know.

It might not have been a snap but there are multiple clues on my recordings pointing towards the use of aimbot too if one wants to analyze it more but the ESP is still more obvious and enough. No need to prove anything by providing screenshots or something like that in any case. It does not help since one can just delete and take take the picture and it does not have any value for evidence.

Before taking this any further I have one more recording I want to share with you:

This was recorded on the 26th of October and is fairly self explanatory in my opinion.

Even if we could try and bend every bit of evidence on my own recordings, look at each incidence isolated, ignore the whole picture and call it plausible to some extent by sound and visual cues. (It is not, for the record) The fact still stands: This recording shows how you used esp in the same way and abused it to be able to preaim and get an unfair advantage on a different date after your first ban appeal, before this current one.

Did you forget to tell me that you were also banned some weeks ago by another staff member for using esp? How much is this so called honesty worth if you already got yourself banned for cheating and there is good evidence from that occasion too?

Appeal denied.

You are welcome to make another one in two weeks time if you decide to be honest with me from the start. I believe I am a fairly friendly guy and we have had people change before but it takes real effort and not lies. We try hard out of our own free time to keep these servers running and provide the possibility for this unique community surrounding this game to stay alive, including giving players the opportunity to improve and be involved even after a mistake. There is more to this community than just the game and it is not exactly respectful to lie and cheat when one gets another chance to be involved and included when ample opportunity is provided to just be honest.



Again same scenarios as the others, using sounds tells me there’s a person above me… you can hear walking as well. This recording shows the same things as the others. That I use visual and auditory cues of my surroundings in the game to be prepared to shoot quickly and quickly hide.

I’m not aware of the ban you are referring to a couple of weeks ago, I definitely haven’t been banned by you guys or any other servers since the incident in June. If you’d like to present evidence in reference to this, I’m sure it too is explainable.

I have been honest from the start and I am not going to confess doing something I have not done. It is unfortunate that you are set in your opinion and no amount of explanation will deviate you from this. From your posts, it seems that you decided that I was guilty of cheating before requesting an explanation from me, and this response confirms that. From my work experience I know facts do not persuade and that it was I have presented, but I’m not willing to confess to something I haven’t done to get a “lighter sentence” so to speak.

I do appreciate you and all the other admins taking your free time to make the game fair and honest for all players, there are certainly cheaters that need to be dealt with, I am not one of them. I’ve been honest in my responses and since you cannot see that I will make another appeal in two weeks’ time, however, I’m unsure of any good it will do as my statements will be the same. I hope that in the future you and other admins can consider alternative factors, there are features in the game that make it possible to look like one is cheating when in fact one is not such as auditory and visual cues where the approximate location of other players can be derived from. This will help you to separate the actual cheaters from the honest ones.

Either way, it’s finals season for me, so a forced break from the game can’t hurt me, cuts my addiction cold-turkey haha.

Best Wishes,

The last recording I posted is from the previous ban on the 26th of October and it is clearly a player using ESP to get an unfair advantage. Everyone uses visual or auditory cues to some extent but on that specific map the sound does Not reach you at all and it is blatant cheating using esp to preaim. Regarding if that was you or not on the 26th, it was a player using your exact name from a mobile connection, the only range using that exact name not on your landline. We have no other name like that registered and believe it or not you did the exact same thing after I banned you. You waited 2hs or so, went in on the same name from your mobile connection on the same range and ISP as the ban from the 26th of October. We have access to logs and we have a habit of providing proper evidence for before banning on aloha.

The recordings from the more recent date that I banned you on that you are appealing just Now are enough on their own and anyone reading this thread can watch and any staff and experienced player would come to the same conclusion: 100% ESP, possibly aimbot. You are using esp to preaim and get an unfair advantage and while doing so evading 2 previous bans.

I am patient and friendly but I will not waste my time further discussing with someone that is obviously just trying to lie and obfuscate to make himself look good. I have provided solid evidence, discussed it and presented the reasoning and why you are banned and you keep lying.

I will repeat, this most recent occasion stand on its own, you were cheating. The other ban from another staff 26th of october were you, likely on a mobile connection, cheating again after your first appeal and evading. You were banned by me due to using ESP and trying to be sneaky about it after evading a previous ban and you keep sticking to lies instead of coming clean even if the evidence is solid.

Your appeal is denied and if you for some reason want to talk about it further it should not involve more lies. I will not answer any more in this thread and if you have anything else to add you are welcome to make another appeal but I will not waste my time further if it does not add anything new to this discussion.


Certainly, the event on the 26th could not have been me then. I do not have a hotspot on my cell phone, much less enough data to support gaming like this using one. When playing I am connected to my home wifi network and never have been connected to anything else.

I am not asking you to waste your time, I’ve stood my ground and I’ve been honest. I cannot force you to change your mind, however, I do not appreciate being accused of lying when I have not done such. I’m not going to be bullied into admitting wrongdoing when I haven’t done anything. I’d urge you to have other admins look into the issue if you can. However, I’d hope they’d keep an open mind when viewing your evidence. Guilty until proven innocent has been proven ineffective in many court systems. Predisposed opinions are likely to submit to being interpreted as fact in the brain. There’s a reason half of America thinks covid shots have trackers lol.

I know you won’t see this reply as you mentioned you won’t “waste your time” further with this issue, but I hope you have a great day.

I would invite you to take a look again at the last video Hawkan posted, at the one minute mark. Your latest excuse seems to be sound, but there is no way you can pinpoint through the wall the exact position of the player’s head with sounds, especially when they are crouching. Nothing else than preaim can explainthis, neither all the time you spend looking at a blank wall to figure out what’s going on behind it.

Tired excuses, denial, this appeal is the whole shebang. Try again in two weeks