Ban Appeal

  1. banned by staff

  2. dinogirl rosean

  3. tower of babel

  4. Probably cuz I was getting a killstreak

  5. I’m not hacking

  6. 10/20/20 10:30pm EST


We’re currently trying to get in contact with your banning admin. If you don’t hear back from us soon you should know that your ban is only a week.

I am the admin who banned you for 1 week for ESP and aimbot. I could have lifted your ban if you had admitted you were cheating, but i won’t, since you keep denying. LEt me tell you that I have no hesitation and no doubt that you were hacking.

Now, you have this week to think about it, about life, about respect. When you come back, make sure you removed your hacking software or you will just simply be banned PERMANENTLY.

Thank you.

Hi Goldorak

I was not cheating, you may have been mistaken, but I don’t want to return after a week just to be perm banned for how I usually play. It would be great if you’re able to provide any video recording to explain how I was cheating. Hopefully any misunderstanding can be cleared. Thanks.