Ban Appeal

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?
    Not votekicked

  2. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.
    (nothing the name is blank)

  3. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on servers. tower of babel

  4. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.

  5. Why should you be unbanned?
    I was testing an aimbot I found online and how it works. I am sorry for causing a problem and have deleted the hack and the injector. I have played this game for years and have very much enjoyed it. All I wish to do is prove I have changed and will not so this ever again.

  6. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.
    08/03/2018 AEST

The admin who ban you has been contacted.

Hi, i’m the admin who banned you for ESP, Aimbot and No Recoil. I appreciate you coming forward and admitting that you hacked, and also how you’ve already deleted the hacks. It makes it easy for us to let you play on the servers again.

You should be unbanned now and free to play. Please do not hack again, as this is your last chance. Thanks :smiley:

Thanks LowObservable you have my word I will never do this in the future and thank you for your kindness.