ban appeal

With that, and you previously looking for OpenSpades hacks during the appeal, you seem to have no intentions whatsoever to stop cheating on the servers.

Check my ban appeal 2 plz

Stop viewing my prive things.price things are price and that comment was prive. E-mail had been reported over 100 times by gmail users as spam.I won’t remove it from my spam box.

You have been warned

That comment was posted publicly in the comments section of that website which means that anyone can view it. It is not private, it is 100% public. If you wanted to keep it private, then maybe you should have sent him a private message.

Um, you’re getting emailed because you’ve either subscribed to threads or you’ve received PM’s. Either will send you an email. Those are automated by the forum, not us. WE (the staff) don’t send those emails, the forum decides to send emails because it’s the default setting. Also, I’d like to see proof that “over 100 users” have reported the emails as spam.

Also, what do you mean by “You have been warned”?

Are you going to hack us? Evade? Burn our house down? Steal our women? I don’t understand the point of threats, especially when they’re coming from someone who’s blurting out stupid stuff.

The video link is now accesable on google please delete now

I have unchecked every e-mail thing and it still sends e-mail,fix plz (This means the warning:if this is gonna happen again i will block everything of so nothing can go from my putrr in and out)

Oh and muffin that openspades hack searching was a reaaaaaaaaalyyy long time ago

Edit: Ferrari did a way better job of everything

There is nothing illegal regarding that video; it is allowed to be where it is. I assume you want it taken down because it makes you look bad. It will continue to stay where it is and serve as the evidence against you.

Expand the spoiler below for some help.

Disabling Email Alerts

Go to your Profile->Personal Messaging
You should see this

You can change that “Always” to “Never” (seen in the highlighted area above) That will stop any PM email alerts.

Now go to Profile->Notifications

Make sure that second box (highlighted above) is unchecked. That will stop any thread email notifications (if you have any set). If you DO have some thread notifications set, and wish to delete them, select the boxes that would be next to them (in the “Current Topic Notifications” area), and then click that highlighted “Unnotify”.

If you do both of these things, you will not receive any messages on your email.

You began this appeal on July 07. Your first response was a lie, since you stated you didn’t use any hacks, and the fact that you were using Openspades supported that statement.


On July 17th, you admitted you were guilty of using hacks. You apologized over and over and told us that you would stop.


But on July 15th, you decided it was a good idea to go on a known hacking site and search around for Openspades hacks.


So no, that OS hack searching wasn’t a reaaaaaalllyyyy long time ago. It was during your appeal, in which you said you would never hack again.

If it wasn’t obvious why your appeal has been denied, then hopefully this clears it up.

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