Ban Appeal: Tyler

#1: Waited, to no avail.
#2: My IGN is normally Tyler~SAW. IGN when the ban happened, Pedophile:3 (yes I know the name is pretty bad, it was for laughs more then anything.)
#3: Took place on your “arena all maps” server.
#4: Reason “Hacking/Aimbot”.
#5: I’ve never hacked your servers, nor have I hacked on any AoS servers. I have always respected the rules of your servers, other players, and your admins. I have no intention to harm your server, if anything I’ve helped more than not by reporting hackers and glitchers, and even submitting a map. I’ve played first person shooters for more than 10 years so my skill may be higher then most players on your servers.
#6: Time of ban was about 7:00 AM PST.

Hope I can get appealed, I enjoy the servers very much and would like to continue playing them.

Votekick you didn’t see?

Friends over IRC told me I was permabanned by Drebbel, so I don’t think it was a votekick. It’s also been passed 12 hours since the ban.

Yep it was me.
This is quite a coincidence, because for some time I was very close to banning you as Tyler. Catching you now, even though I didn’t know it was you pretty much confirms my older suspicions.

You knew exactly where to find your opponent on the map, combined with a little gun snap every now and then. Nah, your funtime is over.

Just to put in some small input, and don’t mean to be disruptive, but do you think that maybe on such small arena maps, he either saw their guns/heads sticking out, or remembered where they had camped in the past rounds?

Dreb, you have told me yourself you can’t pick up aimboters/ESP well on Arena modes…
Also, Even I, a lowly noob, know where everyone camps on a lot of the Arena maps.

Thank you Big Jim, Venom, almost exactly what I was going to say. If your playing arena part of your job is to know where your enemy is. If I ever did make it to the end game it was always a guessing game to where the other players may be. On the issue of “gun snapping”, as I said before I’ve played shooters for 10+ years so my reaction time is much faster then your average player. Drebbel, if you do have any videos of me “snapping”, I’d love to see them.

This depends on which map it was. AvStorage is hard to detect aimbotters versus the indian arena. What map was it Tyler?Also, Drebbel has been doing this for quite a long time so I don’t think it was a mistake. Bans are an admin’s last resort and there has to be loads of evidence. As Drebbel said, he had suspicions of you from before.

I believe the map was called chinatown. I know Drebbel has been doing this for a long time and I was also wondering why would he ban me now, I’ve played on arena for a long time now so I’m not sure what was so different this time. Seeing the evidence would also be helpful for resolving this matter.

Drebbel,there must have been some mistake,Because I highly doubt that tyler is hacking (And I’m not saying this because he is a friend/clanmate).And hopefully I can change your mind and get tyler unbanned.

First off,Knowing where everyone is in arena is something you learn after you play for a couple of months,After seeing how many times players hide in the same camping spots,you remember the most common camping spots so when the next time you play that map,you are prepared for any players who might be hiding in any corners.Like jim and venom said,You remember where people camp in the past rounds,not to mention you can see their guns sticking out (perhaps tyler might have had extended mods,but either way,you can see others weapon with default mods).About the snapping,I also doubt that he is aimbotting. He may do quick snaps at certain times,but snapping doesn’t always mean hacking,He could have a high sensitivity and have sharp reflexes (He’s been playing for almost 10 years now), I’ve been playing FPS for a long time ,and am able to do these “snaps” at other players as well.

I recently found your youtube channel and noticed a couple of videos on tyler,and I found this one video of tyler snapping quickly to the left,and when you check your map,no one was there. Here is the video: (at 0:22)
He might have imagined an enemy camping in the water,and quickly looked left,but as you can see,there was no one there.And here is another video on tyler:
Again,when you placed your player hidden in the blocks,hopefully to find some evidence on tyler,Tyler never pointed ONCE at your player,not tried to dig him up. So both videos clearly show that tyler is neither Aimbotting nor using an ESP hack.These videos might be a little outdated,but tyler has always played the same since I first met him (which is a long time ago).

Perhaps drebbel might be always correct in his accusations,but we all make mistakes. MoJoBuketheaD for example,also accused tyler of hacking,but later unbanned him after finding out that he was innocent.And drebbel,you have yet to show any evidence of tyler hacking the day that you had banned him,Like AEM795 said: There has to be loads of evidence,yet you are lacking evidence in your post.

I did not imply that Drebbel was perfect, just he has seen loads of aimbots. I have actually seen aimbots and seen how it works (not from doing it). Aimbotters don’t neccessarily have to snap as this was “removed” to make it harder to detect. HoboHob made a video of himself aimbotting without snapping to prove it. What the admins do to detect one goes beyond just merely looking at snaps.

Tyler isnt a hacker and I know it because I have played with him quite a many times and I have got killed by Tyler by wallpopping and Jumpcrouch but Sometimes I kill him rarely though.If you really want to know ask Kibblez.

I’m going to sound like a dictator admin, but here goes:
It doesn’t matter how many people are backing you up.

Thinking about it logically, if you see him not aimbotting, does not mean he doesn’t ever aimbot. That’s as logical as saying “I know he didn’t commit a crime because I’m his friend and I’ve never seen him commit a crime.” Maybe he just didn’t do so because you were around? Even if you’re his friend IRL, there’s no way you can monitor someone 24/7 and prove that he never aimbots.

Reputation could be taken into account, but it’s always overridden by hard evidence. I’ve seen some upstanding and veteran players of this community get caught using cheats or hacks to enhance their performance, players whom I won’t name.

Instead of “I don’t cheat because I have a good reputation, I would never cheat, you must’ve seen wrong”, a better reason might be “I admit I cheated, and that was a lapse of poor judgment that I hope doesn’t tarnish my record and reputation permanently”. Think wisely about which reason you’re going to use, Tyler.

It’s always possible that one of us actually has made a mistake (I’m guilty of that myself…), but I’m going to stand behind Drebbel on this one.

I didn’t ask anyone to vouch for me, they did so on there own accord. I know Vouches mean nothing compared to hard evidence, but there has been no recorded evidence of me hacking shown. I’m asking for the evidence before we are finished with the ban appeal.
I cannot admit to something that I did not commit in the first place. What I’ve said are the only things I could.

I’ll quote this Reki:
“Reputation could be taken into account, but it’s always overridden by hard evidence.”
There has been no evidence given, so we can’t continue until we see the evidence. All I want is to see is what Drebbel saw.

Tyler’s intention was not to make a ban appeal and get everyone to back him up,Other players who know that he is innocent are backing him up out of their own free will.It may or may not help him get unbanned,but we are speaking what we know is true,not only because he is a friend.

Perhaps,but I see tyler play almost every day,and not once has he ever showed that he is hacking (I’ve had my doubts about tyler,but I’ve spectated tyler and have not been able to find evidence against him).And perhaps he might disable his hack when his friends are not around so they won’t find out(which I doubt,since I know he doesn’t hack),but he isn’t sure always sure that his friends are playing when he is (I also play under a different alias,not just my usual IGN).

Tyler never once spoke about his reputation in the servers and what others think of him,He is simply saying that he is an honest person,who has truly never hacked,and has always respected aloha’s rules.

Of course,But there has yet to be any evidence from drebbel,So we will have to wait until drebbel posts.

Agreed, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Why dont you inspect Tyler all day being undercover???Also I have changed my IGN alot but when I see Tyler I never seen him hack EVER.Also you would normally get that kind of skill from a 18yr old person.

Guys, Please read this. It is meant to be only the admins and the person banned.

Oh ok sry for all the comments you can delete my posts now.

Actually, if you read more closely, it says you may post if you have something important to add