1. I haven’t been votekicked.

  2. Mine is TANK

  3. I was playing on the pinpoint server.

  4. I’ve been using Aimbot + ESP + Radar Hack +Soft Water.

  5. I bet you to unbann me, because I understand that what I’ve done was completely stupid. Your servers are fair-play servers and no one should hack.

  6. I was banned on August the 3rd in the afternoon I think ( France )

Thanks in advance,

Best regards

I’ll alert the admin about your appeal. You can remove your IP from the post and topic, it’s not needed.

Oh thanks a lot Colorpinpoint!

Have a good day!

IP removed from posts.

It’s all good I’ve been unbanned. Thanks so much!

You haven’t been unbanned, izzy just deleted your ip from your post,
wait for the banning admin

Ive been unbanned I can access to the servers now

You have what is called a dynamic IP. That means it changes without you having to do anything to it.

That being the case, you are NOT unbanned yet, even though you are able to access the servers.

I have contacted your banning admin, who should reply rather soon. Please do not join any aloha servers anymore since it will be considered as ban evasion, which will greatly affect whether you are unbanned or not.

Please be patient and good luck.

Yo, I’m the admin who banned you. Thanks for being up front about cheating dude, that goes a long way. I’ve reduced your ban from permanent to a week, so please do not join an aloha server until a week after this post, even if you are able to, as this will be considered ban evading. Thank you.

Hi can I access the servers now? :slight_smile:

Only 3 more hours, and then you can play!


I hope you’re doing well.

I have a new problem since today… I could play servers for the last days, but today it says “Banned” when I try to connect… I don’t think I did something wrong ( I haven’t hacked again… no grief or such “bad” things)

I hope you’ll be able to help me,

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You were banned again for cheating. I have contacted your banning admin in the meantime.

For cheating? I do not understand I thought I had disabled al the “hack tools”

Thanks AEM

Hi! Me again.

Yesterday, I was playing against a guy in the pinpoint server called rBANKS, 1 on 1. My name was luv. Anyway, he called me a cheater, and then went afk, so I was just idly spawn killing him, and then sure enough, when he came back, he aimbot snapped to me and killed me immediately. I thought to myself there’s no way that was legit, and after a while my bud Titanium in spectator let me know that he was definitely cheating, so I banned him. As it turns out, you and this rBANKS guy share an IP, which means he’s either you or someone on your internet.

Either way, you’re not getting unbanned, at least not for a while, as you’ve shown yourself incapable of playing fairly on our servers. Have a nice day.

What’s happening? I don’t understand… I’ve been playing fairly since you’ve unbanned me. I uninstalled the hack tool I had. My name is TANK not rBnks …

Someone on my internet? I don’t know

I haven’t been playing on the pinpoint yesterday, I had Internet problems for 2 days, had to contact my technical service…

If you’re not going to unbann me it’s ok I understand this are the rules… but It was not me I really do not know what is happening.

Thanks for helping
Best regards

In light of Spring’s statement, I would advise that you actually remove the cheats instead of disabling them, so next time the temptation of reenabling cheats won’ be the first thing to come to your mind.

Second, you initially said you disabled your hack tools, but now you say you uninstalled them? Additionally, rBanks has the same, exact IP as you, so we cannot verify if it was someone else cheating on your network or computer and we cannot unban you if that was the case.


You’re right I didn’t pay attention to those words “uninstall” “disable”, but I’m quite surprise to see that I was banned without even being able to play…

I can accept the fact I’m banned I understand your rules. :wink:

I’m just asking but could it be someone using a VPN that gets the same IP than me? Or a dynamic IP?

Thanks in advance,

As I’ve stated before, since it cannot be proven the fact it’s not another person, we cannot unban you. I highly doubt it was another person but you.