Ban Appeal Rikia/Newage

  1. Banned for at least two week

  2. I don’t remember if my name was Rikia or Newage (one of the two)

  3. It was the babel server or the push one, don’t remember exactly

  4. I used ESP + Aimbot

  5. I know it is stupid to hack. Actually I hate doing it (it’s very boring) but I used it because some player were doing it in the opposite team and it was quiet annoying for everybody. Admins are here to do the job and I shouldn’t have hacked. If I get a second chance I won’t use any of these hacks.

  6. I was banned approximately two weeks ago from now (8.22)

Sorry for my english

Hi there! I’m the admin who banned you. You were using the name Nomorelies, but otherwise the details match up.
I’m glad you decided not to use cheats again. I have set your ban to expire one week from now. When it does expire, please make sure you play fairly on our servers because a third chance is not likely!

Oh right I forgot using this name. Be sure it was the last time! Thank for your clemency. Best regards, Newage.

Just as a tip, if the other team is cheating, you can always type “/admin This player is cheating please come and check him out.” You can also record and report the player now that you made an account. Remember, admins cannot always be in-game!


Hi! I still can’t access the aloha’s servers. Is it normal?

Should be good now.

Yes! Thank you!