Ban Appeal - [PRO]Alcatraz28

#1) Wait at least 30 mins in case you were votekicked.
Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Try connecting again after 30 minutes.
If you fail to follow this step, I’ll personally extend your ban.
Instanly kick and i didn’t do anything wrong :frowning:

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name).
Better yet, make your in-game name the title/topic of your post.
[PRO]Alcatraz28 sometimes Ninja3000

#3) Server you were playing on when you got banned.
Note: we only deal with servers here. Tower of Babel

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful)
Don’t lie, it severely decreases your chances. (Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3)
If your “little brother” got you banned, tell HIM to make an appeal, or take his blame for yourself.
i actualy no intentions on hacking or anything. and i played this game for 1 year without hacking. i get votekick if i headshot 10 people straite in 40 second on there tent and kill 4 people straite while walking side ways, some how people thinks im hacking or anything. i have played this game for a long time so i know how to aim and other skills that i amprove, and i help Starwarstar i think thats his name, i help him how to be a pro like me so we went to the blue’s tent so know one can see us we kill who ever spawn neer us.

#5) Reason why you should be appealed.
i’ve been playing tower of babel alot becuase izzy’s maps was great, i like when there is alot people playing aloha, i can talk to them, make friends to them, help them.

#6) Date and time
Thursday 9th, January, 2014 time: around in 1pm to 6pm

Sorry for my English and wrong spelling becuase im Philipino.
Please Relplie Back

Do you call this a ban appeal?

Sorry i accidentaly click send so i need to edit the message.

Hello, I am the admin that banned you. You were banned for obvious aimbotting on December 3rd and then continued to be banned until now due to ban evading. Care to explain?

I believe I saw this player on babel yesterday, ENTER found that player multi-logging

can u still let me play, i don’t have anything to in my house please i still want to play this game.

That was my friend playing at December the 3rd he lives next door at my house, he knows the aimbot or hacks, but me i don’t do hacks or aimbot am just following the rules and he is not, my friend use my internet that’s why Peanut said Multi logging, because his wifi was out of credit the December the 3rd and Today.
Please let me play ace of spades.

no one was online so i go to server to talk to admin.

how many days until the banned expired?

It never did. Only your banning admin can unban you [Jedalas]. You evading you ban intentionally pretty much signed you up for a Danko special. You know you could have gone on the irc instead right?

Also please stop with the double and triple posting there’s a modify button at the top of your post.

Ban evading ticks me off.

how to use irc?

Main Page. top right corner under the banner it says (chat) #aloha@QuakeNet


…Your friend eh?

Was it also your friend when you were banned on the 12 of November, 2012? Does your friend and you go to each other’s house, passing around the same modem and sharing the same ISP account etc? That must be quite an annoying task. I could imagine; “Hey Alcatraz! Could you pass me the modem tonight? I need to use the interwebs tonight!” “Sure thing, Alcatraz!” So buddy-buddy like. Me gusta.

[19:06] <@ColorBot> {“ip”: “.”, “reason”: “: Alcatraz aimbotting nov12.2012 shoe”}
[19:06] <@ColorBot> {“ip”: “.”, “reason”: “: Alcatraz Ban Evasion Nov12.2012 shoe”}
[19:06] <@ColorBot> {“ip”: “.”, “reason”: “: Alcatraz Ban Evasion nov.12.2012 shoe”}

What about these?

Dec 3

Jan 3

I totally believe you’re skilled. Seriously, only skilled people could SNAP and have no recoil…Gg.

Here’s the thing, instead of listening to the people in game that told you to make a ban appeal and stay off the server, you ignored it and continued to evade your bans without a care in the world, give me a list of GOOD REASONS to unban you. Or you could rage and be an idiot and evade like you used to and not get the chance to enjoy a game because you’ll be banned on sight. Your choice.

Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention, when I mean good reasons, I expect each one to be paragraph of about 5 lines or more. Because unless you put effort to it, it won’t convince me. Oh and please…PLEASE use proper grammar. You’re 14. You’re in highschool, start typing like a teenager instead of a kid.

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