Ban Appeal, please ;)

Hello , I come here to request an unban I received by Glicth in - Cs_maps and accept the charge. My name upon receiving the Ban was |VZL|Chris’Kyle not change me |Vnzla|Phoenix ’ I think some remember me, i waited 30 minutes thinking it was a ban of 30 minutes and also waited thinking it was a 1 day ban, Ask you to please give me unban to continue playing in the servers of the community, and will also have my word in every sense of not coming back to use technique " Glicth " . I hope some admin treat me , Thanks :wink:


I am the admin who banned you from arenacs for glitching. I am glad to see you admitted what you did to our server and since this is your first and last time. i am going to reduce to 1 day from this post.

Please do not evade any of aloha’s server until your ban is expired.



Thanks for the opportunity, you have my word that you will use this cheat method . :wink:

From now my name will: |Vnzla|Phoenix’