Ban Appeal: Nimbus

#1) Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked
It’s been at least 3 hours.

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name)
I play by Nimbus.

#3) Server you were playing on. Arena all maps

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful)
I was kicked/banned suddenly while on the map avsmallfortress. I was doing rather well with both the rifle and the shotty. I assume they thought I was hacking/aimbotting.

#5) Reason why you should be appealed.
I have never hacked or aimbotted while playing AOS. I have been a regular on your arena map since July or so.

#6) Date and time (approx)
10/6/12 Around 9PM EST.

I have had fun playing on arena with the other regulars, and if anything else, would like to see the evidence against me.

I don’t know why you got banned… i was playing with you and there was only like 6 people on the server and then you got banend for aimbotting… you were using a shotgun and had gotten 2 kills from killing people behind. You don’t aimbot i was their and i normally always play with you and never noticed anything unusual about you and you definetly don’t aimbot. So you should deserve to be unbanned

Ok lets just start off with, you had 150% with the smg. That alerted me to come ingame to check you out. When I went ingame and spectated you for abit. The point that really concluded to me that you were hacking was when you were just walking towards the other team, you directly snapped at a player on the roof than another player on the ground. Be truthful if you’re going to make a ban appeal.

I had only used the smg for one round, which may have not given an accurate number. I have seen people getting high numbers on weapons that they are not using. I was using mainly the rifle, which I had below 15% accuracy on, as well as the shotty, around 70% which isn’t hard for a shotty.

As for the snapping, may I ask which map it was on? The only time I remember having a hackerish shot, is when I turned around and got a lucky noscope headshot on this guy behind me on the map generator.

It was facingworldsarena. Also you were definitly using the smg more than one round. It was a couple. So how did you get 150% accuracy. Almost always when someone has over 100% accuracy it will mean they hack. Ive seen people get 100 percent with rifle but have yet to see a legit person get over 100 with smg.

In regards to the snapping on facingworldarena, KingDeroy was repeatedly taking the same path on the ground, and I had previously seen the guy on the roof. It would not be that hard to snipe both people.

Also, the accuracy has been known to be wrong when very few bullets have been fired.

It dosent really mattar if he was taking the same path. Do you understand what snapping means? It means perfectly moving your gun at the persons head. Also ive tested it before and it wasn’t wrong. Never have I ever gottan 100%accuracy on arena nor on other servers. Ive actually tested it by going directly beside the guy and shooting him in the head.

Yes, I know what snapping is. Once you’ve snipped for 2-3 months for 30+ hours a week, its really not that hard to do things like picking off two people in 2 seconds. Five or ten people in that amount of seconds is another thing. Do note that I still had 15% accuracy or less with the RIFLE.

Also here is a picture of someone having 133% smg accuracy.

While using the shotty, he maintained 133% smg accuracy until he used the smg again, at which point, his accuracy dropped until it hit 3%

120% accuracy with a shotty is normal, if you didn’t know. (You can hit more than one person with one shot.)

You’re joking, right? Does the opposing team just group up right in front of you to shoot at?

The bullets scatter, a lot. And it’s slow. I’d LOVE to see a legit shotgun player get over 50%.

Bullet scatter isn’t counted, if 1 scatter hit’s that entire scatter counts as 1 hit, not 1 hit and 4 misses. It fires slow, less shots fired + scatter = less misses = higher accuracy = 70% accuracy or higher on average.

Over 100% accuracy with SMG is usually caused by lag spikes. My understanding is the server receives multiple hit detection at once and the accuracy script counts these as single shots. I myself have gotten 105% with smg before, but it doesn’t last very long. I also know Danke has tested this theory and has gotten insane accuracy on a local host server. That being said, if someone has over 150% over many rounds of continued use with SMG, then something is fishy.

As far as shotgun goes, it is very easy to get over 100%, just kill a bunch of afk people and that will do it. Since the spread is so large and you usually fire at close range, getting >90% is not out of the question for a legit player.


How do you know the guy in that pic isn’t hacking? It lasted for all the rounds that he was using smg. I would appreciate if you don’t try to lie your way out of it. You are not the first non obvious hacker ive caught. I did not ban you of your accuracy, that would just be stupid but it alerted me to check you and that’s when I went ingame. I spectate you and at the end of the game I concluded you were indeed hacking.

May i ask what program you are using?

Status page, LinktersHD.

yeah the spread isn’t counted in the script.

Hey color, you can stop looking now.
you are now looking at a guy that has gotten 120% smg completely legit.
Also same match 130% or so (all I remember was over 110%) on dat shotty

Can you take a video of it?

Nope, seeing that I did it a few days ago.
BUT I do have a couple pictures of it at 100%
over a period of multiple rounds.

I’ve gotten 96% accuracy with the shotgun, and triggered the aimbot detector. It doesn’t count the individual pellets, and especially on small maps like facebattle and avfortress, I’d be shocked to see someone with less than 50% accuracy.

The guy isn’t hacking because he has a .5 ratio…