Hello, yesterday at 3 am I was banned for massive block spawn.

I don’t remember exactly the time, but I’m sure it was before 3:10 am

Well, I’m new to the server and I saw that what I did violates the server rules (griefing)

I’m sorry, I don’t do it again

Hello, I was the moderator that banned you yesterday. I honestly didn’t see you grieffing so I didn’t ban you for grieffing (but still nice from you that you admitted it). I banned you for this:

<babel_aloha> * JUDEU BARUCH started a votekick against player Big Penis 59. Reason: trying to kill covid 19
<babel_aloha> * JUDEU BARUCH started a votekick against player POLLAGORDA69. Reason: polla
<babel_aloha> * Votekick for POLLAGORDA69 has ended. POLLAGORDA69 left during votekick
<babel_aloha> POLLAGORDA69 (*******) banned for 30 minutes: polla (Votekick)

i thought you did more fake votekicks but still, you made a player be banned by a silly reason. I’m going to ask an unban on your IP but promise me you won’t make fake votekicks. Votekicks are only for cheaters, grieffers. glitchers, spammers, and reporting in our discord is always welcome

thank you very much!

I won’t do it again