Ban appeal; IGN at ban time:"a newborn puppy"

  1. I believe it was a votekick, however; I am still banned. It has been nearly a day as of this post.

  2. At ban time, it was “a newborn puppy”.

  3. I was playing on the Babel server.

  4. I believe the votekick was initiated due to my saying something racist. I would like to add that it was not directed at any person in particular, if I remember correctly.

  5. If this was caused by the votekick, then it should have ended long ago.

  6. 14OCT2018 between 17:00 and 22:00; GMT-0500


I am the admin who banned you from babel for being RACIST. We welcome everyone to join our servers so that they can enjoy their time being in our server. However, we will not tolerate anyone who’s intentions are causing emotional harm (extreme discrimination; racism, ageism, sexism, etc.).

I am hoping one week ban would teach you a lesson not to RACIST again.