Ban appeal - *Gunner*

i know this is wierd but,this is the first ban appeal post to ever unban another person instead of the one that was making this post

Gunner (im sure some o’ ya know him) was banned on Arena All Maps 7:00 pm Philippines time,he was votekicked for a dumb reason by a guy called " -.- " the votekick resulted in an unkown permaban,even though votekicks lats 30 minutes this one is permanent,i know this might be wrong to ban appeal someone else instead of yourself,but i am just bringing justice for once,these people who abuse votekicks and perma voteban glitches must be stopped!

the reason of the votekick to permaban was = excessive camping

i saw him get permabanned in front of my eyes,it said “Gunner was banned” there was no “for 30 minutes” mark i do not know why that happened but please,send might be mad at me beacuse i am trying to appeal someone elses ban but please send help.

I think votekicks sometime don’t say the duration?

Also, are you sure it was a permaban? Are you sure he wasn’t hacking or something?

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Votekick bans are never permanent.

Gunner was banned by a staff member.

I would suggest having that player make the appeal himself.

Hold up what???
Gunner was hacking???
I don’t want to question the staff that banned him but, I’ve played a lot with that guy in cs arena and I don’t recall him hacking .-.
I was even friend with him

Why was Gunner banned?
For hacking, glitching or something?

Gunner hacking? Preposterous! If the banning admin would please provide some proof that would be nice.

Would this be common sense if he is legit player and then he should be filling out the appeal template? Why didn’t he step forward to claim innocent? I do not understand why would you guys have to brought it up, instead of himself?

Hope this would clear everyone confusion.



I love both of you guys but honestly this doesn’t really add anything helpful to the appeal.

As for Gunner,
Janners, why did they not want to appeal for theirself? Is it because they just don’t want to make an account? Or is it because it is someone who is trying to hide their identity.

I saw Gunner on babel few hours ago… pretty sure he is the real one from Usa that Twoday/Atrain talking about… so either he is evading or the banned Gunner is another guy or the ban has expired or something…

Could be a faker, but I will look into it and see what is up, thanks for letting us know.
Also, please let the bannie appeal himself as it always has been done thanks. :slight_smile:

Please let this be an example of what is considered useful to an appeal ^

Update: I did some looking into the logs the ban on the name Gunner and there is more than one ip from different places linked to it. The ip banned does not match the same Gunner who was votekicked with the reason -.- . The gunner you saw a few hours ago is the one that does NOT have a ban on. Also Currently there is no votekick ban on Gunner.
For Future reference to anyone reading this is you have been banned for an invalid reason (such as -.-) feel free to leave us a message on the irc and if someone who can unban is available will unban you generally. We try to cancel those votekicks as we see them, but some can slip through

This case is closed

I normally do not provide any support for my ban, unless the player ask for it. In this case, i am breaking my rule and share with you the ban clip (see below).

Hoping you guys will satisfied with aloha’s staff job.



Nathan it is 2 different Gunners

:o Hey guys its Gunner, the REAL Gunner. I haven’t been active on these forums so i had no idea any of this was going on lol. Whelp i was unbanned so tis all fine, yet though i need to appeal a current ban from yesterday i think?? This one is partially justified…

P.S. - Um I don’t hax, whoever was in that vid above isn’t me.