Ban appeal for turkey242

  1. i am sure i was banned

  2. turkey242.

  3. aloha pk r1ctf s4/7 hallway

  4. aimbot hack

  5. I was a new player upset about always loosing . i have learned my lesson and seen that hackig makes the game fun for no one. i apologies for hacking aloha pk severs and ask that they pls forgive me for hacking. i have deleted the hack off my pc. PERMANENTLY.

  6. around the new year during the afternoon

Hello turkey_242, I was the admin that banned you. I appreciate that you told the truth and have deleted your hacks. Since this is your first offense and you have promised to never hack again, I have decided to shorten your ban. If you are ever found hacking again, there will be no chance of being unbanned.

Your ban will expire one week from this post. So at 9:10 PM HST on January 10th, you may join all aloha servers again.

Do not join our servers until then, or it will be considered ban evasion.

He joined soon before his ban expired. I banned him because of it, but maybe he only evaded because he thought his ban should have been lifted by now (As he is in a different timezone and might not have checked the different times).

how soon? If it were 10 minutes i dont think its a big deal.

Thanks Eddy, but it was a time zone error. You are free to play turkey242.

He was on more than six hours before the ban was lifted so…
He would have had to have been using a different IP, which was what Hackbot detected. Whatever his reasons were, whether confusions of time zones or not, he was using a false IP.

Either way, it’s up to you ferrari

Ferari’s time currently is 7:59 pm GMT-6. Turkey lives in The Bahamas, his current time would be 8:59 pm, GMT-5 a one hour difference. Eddy said he found him 6 hours before the ban expired, changing his ip to evade is honestly really bad. The right thing to do is be patient. If he continued to hack it would make him be banned forever, but if he didn’t hack there could be some sort of compromisation, probably banning him for 6 hours so he could have all of his ban time expired, if found before those hours are up, is should result in a perm ban for continues evasion. What do you think Ferrari?

Possibly, coincidentily, his ip could have changed since he has a dynamic ip. My ip has changed before, so that doesn’t mean his couldn’t have. I mean it’s a thought. Sorry for double-Posting.

Like I said, it was a time zone error. It wasn’t only a time zone error between him and I, but also a difference with the time zone that the bans use. He is unbanned and free to play.

He also has a dynamic IP, so he didn’t purposefully change it.