Ban appeal for riley1231

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name)

#3) Server you were playing on.

Pinpoint 24/7
#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful)
I think for griefing.

#5) Reason why you should be appealed.
I was getting griefed by this guy named Guilherme or something like that and he kept breaking everything i built so i kept killing him for it and he never stopped so he started making a penis next to where i tried to build something so I broke his down. And im perma banned for it so i think its kind of stupid. I also kept telling people that he was griefing but no one did anything.

#6) Date and time (approx)
10/20/2012 and 4:15 (maybe)

Also i think it was global

You were banned for 5 days from pinpoint yesterday for griefing (not by me, though)
Not a perm ban, definitely is not a global ban.

but i cant join any other servers

It’s meant to be like that, take aimbots for example. If an aimbot gets banned on Pinpoint, they could just switch to another server. That wouldn’t be good.

All aloha bans are sync’d

A global ban would mean you couldn’t join any pyspades servers (aloha, minit, komrades, etc)


  1. Ban’s expired. Should be able to play now.