Ban Appeal for Kenticus :/

Hello everyone, My name is Kenticus :slight_smile: Instead of the regular appeal i would like to apologize and admit that i have used 3rd party programs to “hack” AoS. I have however deleted the software and would like to appeal to be un-banned and if i ever was caught again, i will not appeal again :slight_smile: I do understand that me simply asking to be un banned will not get me un banned, but i thought i would like to be honest about it and simply ask :slight_smile: I do not know how to prove that i have stopped using the hacks the a friend of mine sent me, and i know there are alot of untruthful people on the internet (i dont blame anyone being cautious) but i just thought the best thing is to be honest :slight_smile:




EDIT: I have just found out that i have been blacklisted aswell :frowning: is this the end? is there anything i can do aswell as being honest about it??? :confused: Thank you.

As this is a global ban, appealing here will not help. Follow the directions on the GBL website.