ban appeal (falcon assassin)

  1. yes i have waited but i am banned

  2. falcon assassin.

  3. top 10 arena i think

  4. i got banned because i was hacking becuse everyone else was doing it and i wanted to see what the fuss was alabout

  5. because i am greatly sorry and love to play on top 10 and hallway maps:)

  6. couple hours ago

also it was on another computer in my house with a different name does this matter as im banned on all aloha maps on both computers? the name on that computer was hacker now its AHEZADFRG

Yes, you are banned from both computers. In fact, you are banned regardless of where you play until we resolve this ban. Don’t even think of trying to escape/evade, that just makes everything worse for everyone.

I’ll ask the admin who banned you what’s up.

ok thanks for that :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Have you had any luck getting hold of him/her???

Im not the admin who banned you, however it would help if you expressed your guilt/ sorrow for hacking now. Prove to us that you’ve learned how unfair/ bad hacking really is.

Hello there, I am the moderator that banned you.

This is just nonsense. Not everyone who plays this game hacks or cheats. It is in fact, a small population that ruins this game for the majority of players. Now that you have tried it yourself, I hope you see how unfair it is for someone to use these programs.

Please allow me to ask you a question,

If you are allow to play again on the aloha servers, how will you deal with players you suspect are hacking/cheating?

I look forward to your response.

now knowing this I’d tell them to stop while they can because they WILL get caught and tell them my pass experience how annoying it was trying to get unbanned :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea. When you use an aimbot to “kill hackers”, you only make the problem worse. If there is someone who you think is cheating, use /admin in game and write us a message. We can then deal with them.

Your ban will be lifted 10 days from now. If you cheat again, you will not be given a second chance. Remember, playing on these servers is a privilege, not a right.