Ban Appeal (Denied) - Well Its Been Fun

#1) Waited 45min to make sure it wasn’t just a kick

#2) SilverLiningHD

#3) r1ctf hallway r1ctf 24/7 hallway

#4) Ok, So i went out for cross country, and i wasn’t banned when i left, i came home 1 hour later and i was banned. i left my computer on and my little brother who is 11 said he was playing on it. i asked him why i was banned and it was because he was hacking. i flipped out because he may get me a virus and i don’t get hacking stuff because its usually a virus. So if you could unban me that would be great so i can show you i don’t hack and all that crap.

#5) i didn’t do anything wrong it was my brother…but it is partially my fault for leaving my computer logged on…so i apologize to anyone who got in this mess with my little brother. Thank You

there’s a rule that carries over from a lot of Minecraft servers that i quite like that goes a little something like this:

“We don’t care if ‘your little brother’ was using your account and griefed/hacked which got you banned. You yourself are responsible for your own account and will be held responsible for all actions from your account”

i’m not the admin who banned you so i can’t do much but most aimbot/hacking bans are permanent.

Truthfully, there’s no saying that your little brother won’t come back and hack again…I don’t see any leeway here.

why is it never the little sister. or bigger sister.
Banned is banned

Because the majority of girls dont play online shooter games.
and have none of yall had a little brother??? I mow the grass a certain way, and next time he mowed, he did same thing, I could give over 100 more scenarios of this in my life alone.
Thats why its the lil bro instead of anybody else.

let me think on it… give me a few days and ill reply back

Still waiting, MoJo!