Ban Appeal by MadTed(N00B)

Hello! I'll do my best to keep this short, honest, and informative. This happened on [b]the first of June[/b] If I remember correctly.

I was playing on the Babel server, but ended up ragequitting due to a cheater. I came back an hour later to the Hallway server, I know it was pm, but not sure when. In short, I had the same thing happen again, and without much thinking I resulted to downloading a hack(WTFAOS), and using it myself. It was stupid of me to do this, I really like what you guys are doing with the servers, and I’m very sorry for ruining the game for others. As for the username, The one I used while cheating was N00B, but I have also used the following: MadTed, Polskii

Thank you in advance

PS.: If it wasn’t on the 1st, it was either on the 31st or the 2nd


Your banned staff has been contact. Please stay off our servers until this appeal resolve.