I was JUST banned for NO REASON! I did not glitch or anything. I would really like to know who can just ban people on the spot like that, because the people with this right, are using it irresponsibly. >:(

2012-10-26 22:32:30-0700 [-] <[AS]ShadoWing> if all blue is doing roof glitch we WIN!!!!! 2012-10-26 22:32:34-0700 [-] my besty is camping 2012-10-26 22:32:37-0700 [-] <[OPPA]GNGNMSTYL> staying on roof next time 2012-10-26 22:32:38-0700 [-] and he 2012-10-26 22:32:42-0700 [-] and he's on blue 2012-10-26 22:32:44-0700 [-] <[AS]ShadoWing> Oppa how do u do that
Certainly sounds like you were glitching, and earlier in the logs you were giving instructions on how to glitch to other players.

It’s not hard to follow the rules, nor is it hard to know right from wrong.

Ok yes, people were wanting instructions from me on how I was doing that. However some of them did do it as well. but I dint get banned from that server, it was a different one where I didn’t glitch.

Bans are sync’d between all our servers, but it takes a couple minutes to take effect. You were banned on arena top 10 for glitching, and then banned on regular arena because the ban hadn’t taken effect yet.

Ok, must have been a misunderstanding. Won’t do it again. This time I mean it.

This is the sort of irrelevant comment we don’t need here…

Lol. Chappy, just letting you know, I didn’t really lie I just didn’t understand that I got banned from the previous server even though I did glitch there.

Bans are synched across all Aloha servers, and any ban from Aloha also affects Minit (though the inverse is not necessarily true).

Don’t glitch again, and if you see other people glitching, instead of following their example, report them [url=[/url]. (Preferably with screenshot/video evidence).

I’ll consider this case closed, shoot a message when your ban expires and I’ll lock the thread.

This time, I actually have a useful comment. GangnamStyle has been banned before for glitching…

Just letting you know that. I didn’t have time to put it in before because I was busy. I’m sorry if I annoyed you Reki, but I’m just trying to help! :smiley:

Oh hey, I totally didn’t notice this. Good catch Chappy.

Hey, thanks. I’m just trying to help out, thats all! :wink:

Hmm…there might’ve been an admin error here. Seeing you banned on one server then going to anotherimmediately (since the sync hasn’t happened yet), the admin might’ve thought you were ban-evading, which usually results in a perma-ban.

Are you still banned, Gangnam Style?

Unbanned, I didn’t know the bans took awhile to sync my apologizes.