Ban appeal: America (

#1) My ign at the time was America

#2) 24/7 pinpoint

#3) I would assume because of teamkilling

#4) A player was griefing my 1x1 tower so I shot him, to keep him from greifing other key defensive structures. This ensued for 5-15 minutes until I was banned.
(maybe having admin check up on the servers more often this wouldn’t be a problem considering more than half of the people on AoS don’t even know that there is a votkicking system.)

#5) 28/9/12 I would guess around 10:30 EST. If the conversion is correct.

P.S. sorry about me placing the first appeal on the “General forums” that might need to be removed.

Not meaning to put my head where it doesn’t belong, but how is a 1x1 tower a key defensive structure? Also, apparently the admin staff is checking on that server cus they banned you. If you ever need an admin, there’s a report feature, IRC, and /admin. The admin staff does a way better job than must servers.

Oh, your signature is bad and you should feel bad. :c

Location is the key boyo!

I can’t find you in our list, so I’m guessing it was a votekick.