Bad Aiming

#1) Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked - I didnt see votekicks or anything and the ‘‘kicked’’ didnt come up like if i would of been votekicked.

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name) - Bad Aiming

#3) Server you were playing on. Last Team Standing

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful) Idk… I was joking something like ‘‘i hack’’ with ‘‘A white guy’’

#5) Reason why you should be appealed. I dont know why i got banned at all and i play at aloha last team standing all the time.Atleast tell me why i got banned.

#6) Date and time (approx) Today (27.8.2012)

[13:16] nova hacks [13:16] Nova's not here [13:16] Lol [13:16] still [13:16] well i hack too [13:17] im hacker [13:18] <@Drebbel> arena_aloha.oh are you, bad aiming? [13:18] yeah i hack

You shouldn’t joke about that.
You’re unbanned now, don’t do it again. It’s never funny.

LOL Bad Aiming with your Windows 95 hacks :stuck_out_tongue: