Back to Vegas, baby!

that’s right, here we come, again, Las Vegas, NV, USA! our hardware is being transported back to Fiberhub as i type this. leaving them was a mistake; they are a pleasure to deal with, provide a professional service, and have since added new bandwidth providers to their network, which should improve the overall in-game experience for everyone. i expect the AoS servers to be back online sometime on Wednesday.

many thanks to [MoJo]BucketheaD for helping to make this happen.


I give you 5/5 bacon+ the bonus of the illusive 6th one




Izzy you deserve the bacon! It must be a pain to have to move back but I think it is for the best.

Its past wednesday :frowning: when do you think they will be on

Patience is a virtue.The one who searches may find what he looked for,but missed everything on the way.

Whoa, its Wednesday already?

It is Thursday.

There are Hallway and Pinpoint shaped-holes in my heart.

delivery took a day longer than expected, the server is scheduled to go online Friday morning Pacific Time.

I don’t think you want anything AoS to do with your heart,it might Block your arteries. :wink:

Nice pun. Bravo.


It’s a very long Wednesday.

Could not agree more lol

Okay, servers back up.

I’m seeing an average of 15 ms increase in ping (95-100 to 110-115).
I was also getting lagspikes (climbs up to 400 or so, screen freezes, then jumps down to 110-115 again), but they were few and far in between. I’ll do some more connection testing tomorrow.

WoooHooo!!! YES!..I’m happy. ;D

go to this page and for easy use they are on the top right side of the screen.


Yep, an average 10ms ping increase for me. Nothing too brutal :stuck_out_tongue: Though lag spikes I have noticed as well, but I haven’t played in quiet awhile. I hate being sick.

To sick to game? OH GOD it must be terminal!,but actually feel better and drink plenty of tea.