Back from my break!

I took a nice break from AoS…now I’m back to playing and catching hackers…minus banning them. So expect abuse reports to be filled with nice topics filled to the brim with jackhole players!

Welcome back.

You will never catch me muhaherergheahdfasfdsfsss my leg bones really damn hirt

Heh, hirt

Anyway, welcome back ^-^

yay u back :smiley:

Welcome back, Now your the one that gets to slap me in the irc. xD

Not for long, hopefully…after I feel more secure I might apply for trusted.

This is not to place to feel superior to one another. Welcome back Monsta, didn’t know you were inactive to begin with.

Draco, that was a joke, and some what of an irony, gl on your trusted monsta.