Hi all,

I’ve been thinking a bit and thought that it would be nice to have another game mode introduced.
(It is not really a new idea, but uses the playing styles from two different game modes.)

Babel is a fun game mode and all, but what if the powers from blockpower were merged?

This way players can gain powers and provide a new way of playing babel.


This could be done as an fsom event maybe but i do not think there’s enough playerbase to support a new gamemode.

finally an idea i can fap to

I will poke Ferrari about this, good idea for an fsom

I love this idea!


but ya this sounds like a great idea! this would definitely spice it up :slight_smile:

There’s no real incentive to use build at babel then, because superjump makes that obsolete.

Can’t wait for the power abuse in babel maps.
Hope this becomes an FSOM event.

Some good points have been raised with the potential for some powers to be misused.

Probably some powers could be replaced/altered with others or have something to counter them.
Maybe limit superjump until 15 kill streak?

P.S. Link to original BlockPower topic: Topic: Blockpower


or just decrease superjump height

This could be a good option, although I’m not sure how it would play.