Babel Anniversary FSOM With a twist :)

“Gun… Check, Powder… Check, Babel Building Blocks… Yep, Hookshot… Che-Wait what?”

Its that time of the year again ladies and gents so stock up on potatoes and bananas for one heck of a babel game. Try not to build with them please or throw poop all over the place I just cleaned babel. (More like 8x cleaned while I sat back and relaxed, thanks 8x)
Server Ip: aos://1379434439:55555
Everyone come and join
September 6th
Babel with the hookshot script refer to

Don’t be late and reserve your seat here

You can check your local time this event is happening here:Times Worldwide

To improve the gameplay we encourage players to use the mumble during the event. Try to be on mumble 10 minutes before the start of FSOM. For further instructions read:

[details=aloha mumble]Mumble can be downloaded here:
Download the client software on the right side of the screen. Installation is pretty simple, as there’s a wizard when you first start the application to help you set up your mic and audio.

I highly recommend using a button to activate it, rather than having your mic turn on automatically when it picks up noise. This is especially true for laptop users or those using a webcam w/ mic. You’ll have this option towards the end of the wizard (my push-to-talk is set to mouse button 5, your scroll button (click, not scroll) is also free in aos for you 3 button mouse owners).

If you choose to do push-to-talk, keep your threshold rather low (so that it’s easier to pick up sounds), this means your blue part of the meter should be small. If instead you are using auto-detect, be sure to keep your threshold toward the high end, or else the rest of us will pick up your game and background noise, which can get quite irritating, especially with 16 people.

Once you’ve setup your microphone, click the picture of the world icon. Then click “Add New” and enter the following:

Label: Aloha
Port: 64738 (unchanged)
Username: Your username. Please stick to your most common username, as after you register, you’ll never get to change it.

For more detailed mumble setup information, check out this post here:

Once you’re connected, double click on Aloha to put you in that channel. On the event day there will be channels for Blue and Green team.[/details]

Of course during this event you can also record your game statistics by logging in to our new leaderboard with your forum name and password.
Read this for more information about our leaderboard.
Caution: only log in with this name and pass on servers. You can set a specific aos-password in your forum profile.

[s]The map poll will be put up about 4 days before the game. Feel free to suggest maps that you think will flesh out Hookshot.
Current map ideas
binladen compound




Sign me up for green.

Also is the time right on timeanddate?

Yes, although currently London is using bst so that is what may be causing the confusion. 8pm gmt has always been 3pm est so unless someone spots something its still good.

Green please!

Hook me up on blue will ya? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Sign me up for the blue master race.

So, if it’s 8pm GMT, it’ll be 4am here in the Philippines. Can you at least set it at 10pm GMT?

Blue Please i can only play this for 2 hours so my english class will start for the next 2 hours i will only reccord 20 min

If there are too many conflicts ill gladley move it up.
If any one has an issue with 10 Pm Gmt give me a heads up

Should be okay with me. If I’m correct it should be 3pm pdt/pst.

Then I would not be able to participate. Any chance that the event can be delayed by an hour? That would be great. Otherwise, I will have to pass on this FSOM. :-\

The best voted time a few fsoms ago was 6pm gmt. So any issues with that


let’s do this on either the EU babel server or an “experimental” server, NOT the normal US babel server, and name it something like, “ babel hookshot event”

that way there won’t be any interruptions or confusion for those who just want to play normal babel

7pm GMT?

Anything between 6pm GMT and 10pm is fine with me (or even later, though that wouldn’t benefit anyone)

6 or 7 PM GMT would be great.

I can do either.