He accidentally sent me PM instead of posting here, so here it is:

#1) Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked
–not a votekick, banned for a day–

#2) Please specify your ign

#3) Server you were playing on
–aloha.pk counter-strike maps–

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful)
–the guy who banned me at the time went onto the spectator’s team and told me I was “staring at walls.” also apparently i was getting too many kills and headshots with my SMG from long-range–

#5) Reason why you should be appealed
–i admit i got drunk when i got banned the first day, but i took that ban and after that i got banned again for no reason if you can spare some time to check on this tell my why i got banned after the drunk ban–

#6) Date and time (approx)
–i think i was banned Dec.26 around 5:00-5;30 PHT–

Your latest ban, Dec.26, was for ban evasion. That is, you evaded a previous ban against you, forcing us to ban your new IP.
Thus, we’ll try to resolve your original ban.

Tracing back, I found you banned originally on two separate accounts.

  1. Dec.22, zombies: aimbotting
  2. Dec.25, arena-counterstrike: wallhacking

Getting drunk doesn’t have to do with things here. I’ll contact the admins who banned you.

I remember this. On CS, he would chill by blue’s spawn, stare at a wall, then kill people with his shotgun once they got close enough. What’s more is that he had the audacity to tell players he killed that they sucked, despite the fact he was using blatant ESP.

Also, Reki, you may run into an issue with contacting the admins. I’m not sure whose ban the first is, but the second one was Stark’s, and I believe he’s on vacation.

2012 (or 2013)
going on vacations

mutbom’s also got some claims on this guy.

He was obviously ESP’ing - tracking a player with his gun through walls, occasionally suddenly turning around to get the last player in the other team, never being caught by surprise. He also had an elevated number of headshots with the shotgun, but I didn’t get into that.

also, @Reki: probably won’t be able to accompany this appeal.

I was camping at the left side of the blue spawn and jumping out of that spot to check if there are any enemies. I sometimes use sound and try to here if you guys are walking and if my teamates die i check it out.If you were in spectator mode you could see i was repeatedly going back and jumping out. even as no enemies where at the corner.

I played with b123 and I know that he doesn’t hack,besides I was playing with him on cs that day,he really got drunk and was swearing for no reason.
hope he gets unbanned :slight_smile:

Before I came in, I checked for your information. Your accuracy only increased.

b123x3 #31
Rifle: None
SMG: 51%
Shotgun: None

KDR: 5.00 (15 kills, 3 deaths)

Edit: Now for Colorpinpoint Stark’s footage…
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i faced a guy i think it was 2-4 hours before i played that game and he killed so fast so i thought he was aimbotting but he said he wasnt so he thought me how to kill faster is aim for the head and never aim for the body >.>

If its ln arena dont bother going for the head.Only needs three shots with rifle on the body.Also you cant jist make quick improvement just by going for the head.It takes time to practise.

This is pretty ireelevantto the ban appeal. Please refrain from making posts like these in the future.

Improving your accuracy doesn’t improve your clairvoyance…care to explain that?

Repeated ban evasion and no explanation.
Permaban stays, final decision.