Average project of mine

Probably my biggest project ever. Over 300 audio tracks… i’m not done yet and it’s not something i precisely feel happy about.

This project is very heavy, when i mean heavy, i mean… H E A V Y

In fact, it’s so heavy and large i had to open the project skipping all devices (synthetisers, effects, all that), add all previously rendered tracks back again into the project and zoom out to 75% just to take this screen shot.

I had to split this project in 4 groups of ~40 tracks each and render each group into the playlist in order to keep working on this without frying my laptop and EVEN THEN, the performance is way slower in comparison with smaller projects.

GOSH I just want to get this done once for all :tired_face:, i’m tired of waiting 7 seconds to add a new instrument.

In case you wonder… yes, this does sound good. VERY GOOD :wink::wink:

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i’d like to hear it


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