Auto-kick Suggestion

IGN: LShax
I am often frustrated when I am playing on a server with a lot of people and I suspect someone of cheating so I check their accuracy to find that it is well over 100%. I usually try to votekick them as soon as possible explaining that they have an impossible accuracy in the “reason” section of the votekick, but even still, most of those votekicks fail. I was wondering if it was possible for aloha admins/owners to add something to the game that automatically kicked someone out of the game if their accuracy every passed 100%. I think that this would solve a lot of problems with failed votekicks of people who had an impossible accuracy and must have been cheating.

  • LShax

I actually have had a 150% accuracy before and I was not hacking. The accuracy script can be inaccurate sometimes. I say after 200 because I know someone who had a 200 accuracy and he doesn’t hack.

That seems weird… but okay.

Yes, piggybacking onto what Lion said, the /accuracy script is far from accurate, and should NEVER be used alone to judge whether someone is hacking or not. The only true way to see if someone is cheating is to go into spectator and watching them, perhaps using ovl, and even that it’s not always definite. However, you can’t tell for 100% sure if someone is cheating or not based on a stat line.

Also piggybacking onto what people has said, I have gotten 150% with SMG and even 223% with a rifle. It’s even easier to get 100% with a shotgun since shotgun has multiple pellets and each pellet adds to the accuracy, often causing shotgun users to have an accuracy of 300+.

I usually kick if accuracy = more ore less 500

false positives are still possible with the amazing amount of (for example) brazillians with 8000 ms

IF we actually implement this, LOTS of innocent players are going to be kicked. Do not purge all the players just to kick the hackers.