Auniqeid Vs KomradeWyvern 1v1

Need a time, place, map, and other details bro.
(Also, if anyone wants to spectate and record it would be greatly appreciated.)

I’d love to see this :wink: Aimbotter vs. Legit Player.

I am getting sick and tired of accusations of aimbotting when someone is not BETTER. I never said that. I said EXPERIENCED.

I would like to have this 1v1 with someone who backed out last year.

Could you not handle me Wyvern. Any more accusations of hacking and I am ditching this community.

I am sick and tired.

I didn’t back out.
You never replied to the thread again
Also you are not more experienced than I for playing since 0.2 cause I have played just as long.
Don’t leave till after we 1 v 1 kay :wink:
I wanna win this.

Ok fair enough.

And it is equal vs equal. I am being serious. I am F****** pissed off about people accusing me.

Ok Wyv. We got a score to settle.

You are goin down. To chinatown.

Right now. Pick a server. Meet you on it. Anyone who wants to watch go to spectator team.

I got one: connect to aos://1429573564:32887

I cannot right now for I am organizing a few Komrade matches for later today, would later tomorrow evening worK? or maybe after 7 pm PST?

What time would that be in HST? sorry im bad with time zones

Would be 5 pm hst

Ok. Ill be on around then. Seeya later Mr.reflexinator

I’m looking forward to this 1v1. >:D
Also, if you can please BOTH of you record. :wink:

My computer in incapable of recording without lag, but I might try

I’ll record in sexyass HD 1080p with commentary

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Oooh :wink:

And then all we will be hearing is Wyvern spawns in again and BOOM. Oh no he dies. :frowning:

Then its 29-29 and auni is stalking wyvern. He turns around and auni smacks him straight in the face.

It was a close call but auni wins!!

Im joking.
But something along those lines.

Dunno bout that.
I think I shall win this

I think otherwise.

Well good luck to you.

can we have a mini 1v1 like right now

I want to see what you are capable of.


Maybe for a few second, I am cleaning and I have to charge the battery of my truck.
Although Koranub won’t give me server D:
aos://2386781258:32887 our server is set up for bot practice atm but whatevz

wtf are you talking about you can have a server anytime you want to. also i want to smash his face after you are done