atorresbr AoS Ban Appeal

Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?


What was your in-game player name when you were banned?


Which AoS server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on servers.


Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned.

i have used HACK against Fl - Sbyte ( Just and only this player ), not with another.

I have playing normaly when i see him on the server.

Why do you think you should be unbanned?

i love ALOHA and my Brus, it’s is the a true reason.

When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.


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BRUV’s, my IP is unblocked on ALOHA.

BUT i respect people like @detank2002 , @Glass and @FerrariFlunker , my Friends and all aloha community. For this reason, i dont Play any second on aloha, respectiing my BAN ( i’m not evade my BAN )

But, i have hopes that one day i can come bacl honestly to play again, with all fo you.

but I have hopes that one day I can come back honestly, to play with all of you.


I am one of the multitude of admins that have banned you a silly amount of times the past god knows how many times. For the record and before we start this appeal thing, mostly everyone is sick of the trolling and I would be very appreciative if you refrain from wasting mine or anyone else’s time this time around.

I was going to link back to the previous appeals, make funny remarks or in general troll back, but I honestly wont bother this time.

So for now I think the first and most general and important point you will need to answer is this question:

  1. What will be different this time around?

You have engaged in the community, made funny content, talked and befriended multiple staff but you still keep wasting our time and blatantly disrespect us time and time again.

Do you find any of those actions reasonable? Because I might be one of the most troll friendly people around and let people explain their point of view kind of admin you might have the fortune to run into.

And even I am completely absolutely done with more time wasting on your end.

This is a tiny community and all of us admins/mods and guards keep this show running just by voluntarily effort, ban cheaters, respond to the community pings and host events. Just to keep thing going as long as this game and servers survive, aloha will likely be the last server cluster standing with a high staff density. Purely to make it playable for the community.

I can stand rage hackers, silly trolls or whatnot, but you actually engage and try to promote things, befriend people in the community and staff, engage, host videos and even promote the game at times.

  1. So why the hell do you keep acting like this?

So please humor me and tell me why this appeal will be any different and why I should let you play legit and give you the benefit of the doubt again?

Because as of this point the only reason this thread is not locked is because I took it upon myself to actually deal properly with this appeal and this will be your absolutely last chance of answering/give any form of answer without the thread or your account getting insta locked on sight on aloha.

Behave, answer my post and give me one hell of a good reason why we should waste our time with this and why you feel it is prudent to disrespect us time and time again. Then I will give it an honest consideration. If you respond with bullshit this tread and any further will be insta-locked on sight.

The only reason I am even spending any time what so ever with this is that you seem like someone that could actually help out to promote this game if you cut out all the bullshit, stop cheating, and stop wasting everyones time.



I’m sorry, but you are completely mistaken about me.

I love this game and the aloha community, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t make the effort to be here and create SOPA SPADES, which aims to keep the GAME ALIVE.

From Brazil, I can bring together Spanish, Latin and Portuguese speaking people in countries like Angola and the entire African continent.

I’ve only been banned twice, once by Dtank and once by 001, and like I said, I respect my ban.

I behaved badly because of a specific person, and I didn’t use HACK against the community, but against other cheaters who make a living from cheating.

I’m a busy person and I have love for open spades and soup sapdes server as well as aloha, but I haven’t used the right method to crack down on cheaters.

I ask for forgiveness from friends like Dtank, Ferrari, Glass and you as well as 001.

hugs and if you give me the opportunity, I will respect and honor it.

For the sake of argument, or more of a rhetoric question if it was not obvious: How many appeals have you made here again? (you dont have to answer this one)

You have been banned by the following ppl multiple times: Detank, Moder, Me(Hawkan), Zim, Newage, UTF and likely more staff on different similar ip ranges, both for cheating and evading, arguably more evasion bans than cheating but plenty of both, at this point however I wont waste any more time with digging.

The previous history is one of repeated hacking and evasion (targeting hackers or not aside). The thing that annoy me the most however, is the blatant waste of everyone’s time, mine included.

Every time we do this circus it wastes time from the people actually trying to keep the servers playable and admin. Being silly and trolly is one thing but the above behavior is not helpful at all, especially not from someone befriending and hanging out with multiple staff members or ex-staff.

The community is tiny, anyone wanting to help it survive and keep engaging in it should know better in my opinion.

Every time it has been the same story of sorts, asking for forgiveness, half-truths and evasion. The only reason I bother with this is due to you actually engaging in the community and that I don’t understand why you keep behaving like this when you seem to have the possibility of being decent and helpful.

We actually do believe in second or maybe a third chance from time to time, but there has to be some kind of respect back if you want to hang out and engage with us and the community. Sure you can evade and bullshit around instead, but if you keep going down that path everything will be banned and insta-locked without any further engagement from us.

On a more positive note I have not caught you cheating during the current ban, that has been quite some time actually, and it does not look like you have been evading to any overly obvious degree, that is without wasting more of my time on this. And you do contribute a lot to the game, clients and servers.

For further clarification, I have spent way too much time on this already. Digging in logs, checking previous appeals and writing a semi-decent answer, that might hopefully also showcase a bit of what aloha is about, or trying to be even in this day and age for all it is worth.

But it is still a plain disrespectful waste of my time, and no matter what we agree upon after this appeal, no-one on aloha will spend a single minute more of their time if you cheat again.

So with that short wall of context out of the way.

Why would you act different this time? Make sure it involves not hacking again nor wasting my time and be decent.

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