Assistance for a different forum

Its not Ace of Spades related, and I’m not trying to steal members…we just could use some more people to keep morale and speed up. We work faster on the game knowing people care…

Here’s the deal…the forums were shut down by the DMCA because a game maker became a bitch about how it was stealing from his game. Ofc, that was a lump of shit, but the hosters flipped, and the website disappeared. Now we’re back, but we gave up on making a spinoff, so we’re making a game where the community is involved with the suggestions.

Whats the dif between PB2 and void?

Well PBV is done now. We’re making a new sidescroller game coughs SPRITERS I NEED YOU GUYS

What’s this game about?

Once again, not sure. Its being created on the forum.