Appendicitis absence

I had extreme stomach pain and such yesterday, which then turned into violent vomiting. I went to the ER and I was rushed into surgery. I was operated on last night. The operation went well but I will be absent for up to a week. Peace for now mates. I will get better. :1

(The picture isnt perfect because I’m all doped up, but I wanted to let you know I’m still alive)

no not monstaaa :’( :’( :-\ :-\ :frowning: :frowning: :’( :’( :’( :’(

Aw, you poor man.
What happened though?
Did you eat something bad or did you get hit hard?
Get well, buddy! :frowning:

NOOOOO MY LEADER!!! dammit. I guess I need to take care of the bastards while you’re gone.
Stay strong man.

Bastard 1-2

Monsta! a lot of luck for you! Get well soon

Was that the reason you were always asleep? Your body trying to fight the problem by itself?
My brother had the same thing a while ago and he was always tired.

Peace dude! :slight_smile: Good luck. Good to hear the operation went well.

See you in a week. ^-^

Get well soon Bastard 1-1. Now excuse me while I try and help tack down lag for the mc server.

So I’m pretty sore. That’s my update.

:’( :’(

DONUT FEAR, you shall be fine, by our cat lord in the heavens and the sun, I promise that

Get well soon, Bastard 1-1. :’( :’(
And out of curiosity, may I know what caused the severe stomach ache?

-Bastard 1-9

Your trolling and bullying in this community. q-q

Hey monsta! Horrible news!! D: I’m sorry for that. I hope you get better homie <3 <3

No u