Appel Challenge to DTANK

i chllenge u to fight, DTANK.

And u will se if i’m use cheater or hax to play with U. I dont, need, use, cheater, to play with trusted paly. U have two choices:

1- u acept my chalenge
2 - u close my appeal, and bam me on the u site and all servers.

the challenge is started.


LIES TO U ! (( u have a “tRusted girl” ) BRAZILIAN GIRL (( DEUCE )), dont report strange hax (( retardada )), and u just believ on U (( FALSE )).

TRUSTED admins and u supporters: dont use fraude to judge a player. BUT U DTAnk.

dont acepte the challenger

Alright, fun is over. Im locking this topic, you have already been told that you can reappeal in a week. Any other ‘appeals’ will be locked too.

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