Appel Ban (Jorge)

1) Yes.

2) My name is Jorge but after they banned me I changed it to BalaPerdida.

3) Arena (top 10)

4) I got banned for using hack.

5) I really like playing on the arena servers and the truth is that it is the one that is most active with people and I like playing on that server. and I was wrong to fall into the provocation of using hack when seeing a player using them but I totally regret it I deleted everything that had to do with ace of spade and downloaded it from scratch legally.

6) 1. May 15, 2022 14:45 PM.

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Hi, I hope you are well ^^

I’m the “Admin” who banned you from the “Arena Top10” server.

As you can see, we believe in second chances and you are not an exception, but those chances are given to those people who are really sorry for their actions and mistakes.

As far as I can see you are sincere and accept the use of hacks, but I want you to please promise that you will not use hacks again

Because if I see you using hacks again, I won’t be so nice to you.

Please be honest with what you are going to write.
I look forward to your answer.


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Hello, thanks for reading, hey, I swear I won’t use any more hacks, I just got carried away by a player who actually used them, I’m sorry, I promise I won’t use any more hacks.

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Okay, I trust your words :smiley:

You will be unbanned in a couple of minutes.


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