Apology to the community for using cheats

I got banned for using wall and aimbot, good reason, I’m not one to think a lot, but I’m a great strategist in terms of where to build, what led me to use cheats was my wrong thinking (everyone is using it because I don’t? ), I don’t think about the consequences, as gman used to say (unforeseen consequences) and my pc is kind of bad when it comes to the processor and then I can’t use discord to call or even speak but that’s not important, I really want to go back to playing even if I take a kick of 2 days or more I got banned I think almost all servers today,
nickname venom402153

Hey @venom402153, I’m the admin who banned you.

Thanks for your honesty. However, you were already banned in April 2022 for similar reasons. Since that ban is still in effect, I will take it into account in addition to this one. I will set your ban to expire in two weeks. Do not try to come back on our servers before the end of your ban or I will have to extend it.

Also, I strongly advise you to delete your tampered clients. As you may have understood, we are giving you a second chance but keep in mind that a third chance is unlikely.

Play fair

thanks and ok

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