Apology for Aimbot

Hi, I was banned from the 24/7 Hallway server for using aimbot a few hours ago. This is my first time using aimbot and my first time getting banned and even worse, it was my favorite server. I was getting bored so I downloaded an injector and an aimbot and started using it for my own entertainment and was not thinking about how it made the other players feel. Now that I am banned I remember how I always got frustrated when other players used hacks. Again, I am deeply sorry for what I have done and will not use any kind of cheat ever again. My name is Monstergert on ace of spades. If you see me on any server, just know that I will not be using cheats anymore. My only reason for using cheats is because I wanted to get back at the other cheaters. Next time I see a cheater, I will report them instead of cheating back.

I’m not involved in your ban, but I suggest you use proper protocol, and fill out the template we use to make life easier on the admin who banned you.

Seeing as you seem like a good guy and it seems that you trully feel sorry for what you did I have shortened your ban to 1 week from the time of this post. Please don’t hack again, it ruins the game for everyone, including the person who used the hacks.

Looks like I learned that the hard way :-[

Don’t worry. They all do.

Don’t worry. They all do.
I hope this doesn’t mean I bathe in a mixture of squirrel urine and donkey semen each morning.

^^It’s really the easy way.

What was the original ban time?

Bans for aimbot are usually permanent.

:o Glad I apologized then.