1. I was not banned for vote kick

  2. [AOSC]Yan

  3. aloha.pk hallway,I do not remember

  4. I was banned because he was breaking some blocks that the blue team had done in our base ai my green team may have called for it

  5. Well I think I should be unbanned because I love aloha servers and I’m drooling to get into them, according ace games since version 0.1

  6. I do not remember but I think it was last year

7)Now I will say on another post that was placed here:
I had been hacked but did not know there aloha.pk I entered because I wanted to be unbanned, ai ban went into appels tab and saw that someone had already posted something about me just made ​​a comment, and then will exchange my password to not be hacked again

I wish I desbanisem of aloha servers because I was banned because I killed 5 people and got the intel guys ai blue team were angry because they empatei the plays they make al votekick.obrigado :’(

Topic moved to ban appeals.

Aight, now read this: http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=762.0

i think he said it was a votekick lol

Appeal snipped to top

[AOSC]Yan, thank you for posting this appeal. You were banned on September 30, 2012, on the hallway server for ESP (this allows you to see player positions through blocks). Keep in mind that our admins do not ban players on assumptions or circumstantial evidence. Honesty goes a long way when you appeal a ban. If you would like to revise your story, you have this chance to do so. In the meantime, I have notified the admin who banned you of this appeal, and he will respond here in time.

Well first I want to know if I have any chance of being unbanned, I was banned for breaking some blocks but someone hacked me here in this forum and post post.Agora’ll explain the real story, a Brazilian that when you break a block the person dies ai was breaking alguns.Se you do not understand my case I was hacked by someone who posted an adm had me banned because of intel, I’m sorry for this mess :’(

Dafuq, bro? Could you please revise that? I can’t really understand what you’re saying. :-\

Hello [AOSC]Yan, I am the one who carried out the ban on you. I have some good news and some bad news. Bad news is, your ban was so long ago that the video I had was caught in a clean up that I did. Good news, with that lack of evidence, I have to take your word for it and give you another chance. Have a nice day and play fair!