Aos revived?

Sorry for my huge inactivity lately. High school is really tough at the moment. I met some friends and recently made a new one. He makes youtube videos, 600 subs, and has gotten 31k+ Views on vids, I’ll ask him to make some videos about ace of spades and hopefully this will help grow the community!:slight_smile:

I doubt it will. AoS has been around for at least ~3-4 years now and I’m sure it’s been promoted the fuck out of in all different corners of the internet. But we’re still at the same level of players we have been for at least a year now, probably less. IMO, It’s either not many people enjoy voxel fps or it’s the hackers… No one wants to play a game where hacking is rampant. Even on Aloha servers the hacking can be become infuriating sometimes, but it’s of course worse on other servers.

I suspectt that the was to revive AOS is in developing the program(s) further.
The experience must be improved, including game content (not just maps) and game mechanics

Some can be done server side, some should be done client side.
I would love to see openspades brought to the level of the old AOS (controls), and then pushed forward from there.

With new experiences, the reviewers will take another look…

Just continuing to beat the old horse will not be enough.

If Ace of Spades die, then it dies. It is inevitable whenever it happens since any game would die off after a few years.

Even if AoS gets to a point where literally no one plays anymore, I’ll still be here. Even if I’m the only one running around shooting into the dead of night, building towers to the heavens, I won’t leave. AoS till the end! We will never die! How many of us can say this?

Sure why not.

Aloha will probably enter a ‘Dark Age’ where we try to cling onto a different game to support the community like Minecraft. This is just my point of view of things if AoS do die off.

Well if AoS dies off then that’s because no one wants to play anymore? Then doesn’t that render this community useless anyway?
Wow, unless it’s that you guys are feeling some sort of emotional attachment to your other community colleagues~ That’s super cute~

Actually, I think the reason why AoS isnt much alive is because few people know about it. Maybe making Utube vids will be great idea, in my opinion. :smiley: :smiley:

It was advertised a shit ton when it came out on Steam and people love Steam so they crowded over the Jagex version. From a new player’s perspective, the new version (Jagex) is always better than the old version (Classic).

I am making a new Call of Spades video. It might bring some traffic to aloha.

Pretty sure once the AoS scene finally kicks the bucket, we will move on. Aloha was never always an AoS community, I joined when it was so and you have too. Point being we will find a new game to centralise around, Minecraft is a strong possibility but we are open to all and I’m sure the forums and sub sections will be adjusted as such.

Think not of Aloha as “one game only”, think of it as a place to keep in touch. No matter what game you are playing.

It sounds like an asshole thing to do but I honestly think the AoS serverlist should only show Aloha servers. I also think that everything on BnS except the BnS serverlist and automagiv server maker needs to probably be taken down, and that Aloha needs to be the main forum…but hey I don’t run this show. Maybe make a rule that the only AoS servers shown on Acorn Spades and BnS need to have active administration. I can already see a lot of problems and gripes with that, but I think that might be the ONLY way that Aloha could cling onto AoS. I also believe it would gain popularity because we have great admins who respond quickly to any hackers, griefers or glitchers. Also removing most of BnS would free up some space on aloha’s servers, as I believe izzy runs both of them with the same people.

SOME IDEAS (and yes some are repeated from above but I want organization)

  1. Almost all of BnS needs to go
    This site is pretty much dead. Like, dead. There are barely any active people on the website. Also, a lot of cancerous topics there where there have been infamous shitstorms. I know the bulk of our aloha admins wouldn’t let this happen here, and we’d be able to weed out a lot of the troublemakers if we ever just left open the BnS server list, and the automagic server creator. The serverlist is important, and the automagic server lets us have a server without port forwarding. To the people who are like “BUT THE MODS AND SCRIPTS”: I highly doubt that we’d lose all the files from the website. Maybe just disabling & archiving the forums, removing the mumble and #buildandshoot channel would be enough. I honestly think that we, as a community, need to host a vote here on Aloha on what to do about BnS. Why Aloha? Well, we have a lot of active users here. Obviously, if this ever were to happen, I’m positive there’d be flak and complaints from several users, but public opinion really has shifted from BnS. Besides, Aloha is a healthier community, in my opinion.

  2. Limit the serverlist
    I know this is a dick move, but honestly nobody runs an AoS server by themselves anymore except for 1v1’s or clan events. I like BnS’s server maker. Lord knows there are enough websites and people’s google drives to get scripts from. The automagic server can do this easily enough for small events and clan stuff. If there are other servers that want to be on the list, the owners need to apply for it somewhere, possibly an Aloha subforum or something. The hackers are what has destroyed AoS 0.75/0.76. I’ve read the some 1.0 reviews, and quite a few say it’s better because there are few hackers. 1.0 didn’t destroy AoS, the hackers did. A lot of people played on servers with no administration and it ruined their views on AoS.

  3. More games, more ideas, more forums
    Didn’t we used to have Battlefield servers? Also, with our decent amount of java coders, I’m sure we could smash out some nice plugins for Minecraft. Honestly at this point, we really need to expand onto multiple things to get gamers’ attention. Anything from BF4, BFH, ArmA series, DayZ, MTA, we really need to expand somewhere to attract a userbase. Hell, if we even opened a pixel art forum, I’m sure we’d attract users. I could probably bribe half of SpriteWars to also be here if there was a pixel art forum with contests. Also a few of them like Minecraft (AutoFox and Nala didn’t just come out of nowhere, MC users) as well as Ace of Spades (Ivan the Mouse, Shiki, again, Nala). Options means a wider spectrum. We’re a playerbase, not just an AoS haven. This is the internet though! We can be everything!

  4. If we kept locked forums on BnS, it would minimalize lost revenue
    I honestly think this is a good start. Locking all forums permanently on BnS and archiving them. No lost files, or links. And that way there is minimal lost ad revenue. Also, it would definitely bring an influx of users to aloha…maybe some angry ones, maybe some that were just waiting for this to happen. But hey, traffic is traffic. This would prevent scripts, mods and other things from going missing, and I’m saying keep up the serverlist and automagic creator.

I want to get some repsponse to this below, and I want some points that others give so that I can see other people’s views on this. I want arguments for and against this. I already know that this will most likely be thrown out by the higher ups, but we’re a community, and we should be able to have a little pull.

Sounds like a bunch of evil socialism to me! I think your ideas are silly, Monsta.

  1. I’m not sure if I agree with locking down BnS, it makes sense but I feel it would have too much backlash.

  2. I agree with the ‘applying for a space’ on the serverlist. There are way too many dead servers at the moment.

  3. This is something I’m 100% for, (Aloha at least) should expand into a multi-game forum, otherwise when AoS goes down Aloha will go down with it.

  4. Locking threads I agree on as well, but not all threads. Just inactive / old ones.

Your ideas Monsta are very controversial but I honestly think that at least something has to be done. Expanding, definitely. But I don’t think culling off the ‘dead’ parts is a good idea. and are two completely communities. While i’ll agree that most of BnS is cancerous there is some of the forum that is good (modding, mapping, downloads, scripts, matches, and maybe clans). BnS would be a lot better with active management like here on IMO we should really start over with BnS and try to reform a new community but keep a database of all the modding stuff (mods, scripts, maps, etc)

I do feel the master list is a little cluttered and it would be cool to have servers only on the list if they apply. Like in the config file where master is set to True there can be a area to place a code to access the master list or something. But it should not be on Although we have many servers (only some of them or usually populated) there a few servers that are also populated.

I do feel that, if our server could handle it, we could build communities for other games where we have excellent admins monitoring and keeping hack safe. This just builds on my opinion that shouldn’t be the main hub for AoS and that a reformed BnS needs to be created.

We should go through BnS and see how much of the forum is spam/postwar/etc

for ex:
this is recently joined and posted 3 spam wts spam posts

Keep up the good arguments.

You still have CallOfLiberty, |MGC|Gaming-UK, and Sauerkraut servers running. They’re by no means dead. Like chpE alluded, I doubt they’d be happy about having to come here. Not everyone lives in 'murca. I agree, however, with most of the rest of the sentiment. Bringing in more games here will definitely increase the player-base of Aloha, and, consequently, give AoS more exposure. I don’t see how trimming down BnS will help us though? In any case…


But where is Izzy when we need his final statement? I really want to see more forums pop up. What game should we start doing again? Battlefield?