AoS Hacker problem

I’ve been playing since a while and I’ve noticed that the quantity of hacker increased

However, the quantity of Server guards didn’t increased that much and some of the servers became unplayable.
I’m thinking about Cs arena. I can confirm seeing at least 3 hackers per hour. Not necessarly aimbot but ESP, No recoil and no spread

I know some players that would like to help lowering the quantity of hackers but they don’t necessarly want to be guard.

I propose a solution to that. A higher tier of Trusted player that gets granted the command /kick.
That wouldn’t stop hackers to get on aloha servers but knowing they can get kicked anytime, that would make them hesitate and probably chose another server

Yes, some people could try to exploit this .
That’s why the access needs to be restricted a little. We don’t want everyone to be able to access it just like everyone can access trusted.

I love the game but I hate seeing the community dieing under hackers and I would like to see aloha without hackers.

I agree with Twoday, I don’t need to be in that group, but the Server Guards are not always on, but Hackers are. This idea of Twoday’s is a good way to add better protection against Hackers.

~I am Irongears, and I approve of this Message~

I applied for a trusted and I want to be guard
I am very active on game and cs maps but now i am waiting
Maybe it work

Also: MuffinTastic is very active these days

I would like to propose that trusted/“special trusted” just gets 2, 3, or even 4 votes worth for their /y.

Didn’t think about that. Would be nice

I support this idea

I support that, but the High Tier ones are probably going to be ones that played at least a year.
The idea is pretty good, and maybe add a /n option, because votekick abuses are pretty common these days.


Please don’t do this. Anyone accepted into that power probably would just as easily get into guard position. If it’s not treated with the same criteria as guard then some “trusted” users that are too incompetent or irresponsible will slither in.

I disagree with this idea, trusted =/= Guard or any rank of Admin, Giving trusted users any amount of of admin power defeats the purpose of these ranks. The multiple votes is just as ab-usable. Guards go through a LOT more scrutiny than trusted.

Well, he wanted an additional rank called “Special trusted” which just gets additional /kick command, but I think you still agree that’d be pointless since it’ll basically require the same level of training and criteria as a guard position.

I do not think this is a good way to solve any problems.

Anyone who is of the “higher trusted” tier, as I have talked with two and Iron about, are already great candidates for guard position. At which point, their only argument is these potential guards weren’t ready for the guard position of power - yet, they want to have power. They want to be able to kick hackers, to help out, but not be given the same title as other members of the community doing the same, more importantly, they wouldn’t be going through the same process. Yes, I sound harsh, but that’s what it would look like.

But, ignore that. That does not even matter - the root of the problem is you guys, those people, those “police” as we discussed earlier, would fit just fine as guards. But, they don’t want to be - because of the assumed responsibility of a guard. But, is the responsibility of a guard, an admin, to simply help out? At which point, what is the difference between helping out as a policeman vs a guard? If anything, a guard is better. You get more tools and more back-up.

In reality, the effort put in by some guards does not define the rank. Be the guard you think would help out the most, be true and honest.

No matter what happens, whatever power you gain will tarnish your game play experience… Just because kicking is less permanent than banning does not mean less work must go into it - the same process would need to be done to kick someone for hacking as for banning. So why not simply ban?

The best solution to help out is to apply for guard if you have not.

The only idea proposed here that I never considered was that trusted can have more power in votekicks. It can be abused somewhat easily if we made trusted players votes count double or triple - but, they’re trusted. So, it’s an interesting thought.

This is just what I think about this - after having talked with two and Iron about it, too. Thank you.

I just think that you guys takes a regular trusted player and give them all the power in one step.

With the increase and decrease of hackers, we don’t increase or decrease the amount of guards we approve. We like to examine and thoroughly inspect all Guard applications to ensure they are trustworthy and overall a nice person. If we did however do this idea, we would have to somehow find out if the Trusted player is capable of identifying a hacker, if we trained them then they might aswell be Guard. As the only difference I would see from the two ranks would be that a Guard has to record his/her bans and can issue a ban. If the Trusted player were to constantly kick a legitimate player, we would need to see proof of the player hacking. Since I must admit, I probably have banned a few innocent players before in my time. I’m not perfect. But since my bans expire and we have video proof we can determine if the player was a hacker.

Twoday E X P O S E D


but really, Guard is litteraly an admin. i feel like there should be some gradual step instead of being dropped strait in with everything. Not that i hate having everything in few steps but… i feel like it needs some other steps before having the amount of power a guard as.

And you think that extra step should include kicking but exclude banning as a compromise? I don’t even think I’ve seen the kicking command being used to punish people, it’s various types of bans or restrictions.

I don’t mean to backseat administrate here, I’m pretty sure what the admins are trying to say is that nearly any extra management commands need to go through the same process of training as guardship or higher. If you think “being dropped straight into everything” is unpleasant, then even that integration step probably isn’t for you, as it will basically be similar in the admins’ design.

I agree with two on the increase of hackers, cs maps specifically. Babel isn’t a problem because a lot of guards and admins play on there, but on cs maps, I rarely see any guards or admins on. As one of the most frequent players on cs maps I believe when accepting guards you should look to see if they play on cs maps frequently because cs maps needs some staff on.

On a second note, we try to votekick hackers all the time, but it’s usually just the known members of the community who vote, so we can rarely ever kick hackers using votekick because nobody else votes.

Just some of my opinions I wanted to state to hopefully fix the problem of hackers on aloha, specifically cs maps. :slight_smile:

/admin works wonders.

I have the same opinion on this, the votekick doesn’t usually result in kicking the player, because the percentage of players who vote is quite high… I think that about 60% or more of player votes are needed to kick a player in aloha servers and that doesn’t happen often. The team that has this suspicious player or even a hacker usually doesn’t vote for him in the votekick, because he’s helping them winning the rounds and it’s hard to convince them, if they don’t spectate their player or simply just don’t care, that he/she is actually hacking.
Making the votemap percentage slightly lower to about 50% would be an easier way to deal with those hackers than having guards or “superguards” on server.