AoS 0.76

Hi I recently downloaded the launcher for 0.76 to try out the aloha 0.76 server. Can someone explain to me how 0.76 launcher works?

nvm i can play on 0.76 without a launcher

Yeah, the launcher won’t work anymore. Just go to and move your mouse over the tab that says “Servers” (Don’t click it.) It will say Version 0.76 under it. Click that and you’ll find .76 servers. If you want to join Aloha’s, either do that or go to the Aloha main page and scroll down until you find the server list. You’ll see it there.

Um, where can i get 0.76?

in i think

Here. If it messes up .75, just uninstall both and reinstall .75 from BnS.